Facilities - Indian Institute Of Technology Dhanbad (IIT Dhanbad)

Library Facilities 

The Indian Institute of Management, Dhanbad is home to an automated library, with more than 1 lakh books covering a variety of disciplines like geology, management, chemistry physics, and more. The University also gives its students access to national journals, newspapers dissertations, theses, and theses. The University has a vast library that supplies students with the knowledge and information they require to progress.

Sports Complex Facilities 

The university provides a variety of athletic facilities to students, including basketball courts, badminton courts, cricket fields, and football pitches. Additionally, IIT, Dhanbad, also has squash courts and a pool as well as tennis courts. Additionally, the campus offers a 400m track, as well as table tennis courts for students. Students are given numerous opportunities to show their talents and compete, including inter-college competitions, inter-departmental competitions, and competitions.

Hostel Facilities 

Twelve hostels are located in the Indian Institute of Management, Dhanbad from seven for boys, four specifically for females, and one hostel is specifically designed for international students. Because the institute has a rich past and rich history, the hostels are named after precious stones like sapphire, diamond, amber or topaz, opal, and more. Furthermore, the hostels are under construction because of the rising number of students. In addition, every hostel has an area for the mess, shops for stationery, TV rooms washing facilities, and more.

Labs Facilities 

IIT Dhanbad provides various labs for students that facilitate their learning like labs for biology, physics micro labs, and many more. In addition, the school provides its students with an air-conditioning lab for mines a rock mechanics lab, and an electronics and IT safety testing lab. These labs let students conduct research and experiment and gain knowledge about what they are taught.

Wi-Fi campus Facilities 

Nowadays all things are accessible with the push of a button. Free Wi-Fi access at the campus is beneficial to IIT Dhanbad. It helps students to acquire additional knowledge and to learn more within the time frame they are given. It also helps students keep up-to-date with the latest news and research in the various areas of their preference. A Wi-Fi-connected campus allows e-learning to be a reality for IIT Dhanbad.

Other facilities

It is IIT Dhanbad, which provides world-class facilities for its students like air conditioning classrooms, a shuttle service gym, a cafeteria, and more. Additionally, the school also offers students an auditorium, a convenience store as well as medical facilities. The university also includes a lecture hall, management hall, as well as an ATM facility. In addition, there are numerous new facilities planned for the institute including an indoor hockey field, a multi-purpose indoor hall, lighting of the lower ground, and more.


Available Basic Facilities In The Campus

  • Library
  • Hostel
  • Playground
  • Sports
  • Cafeteria
  • Medical
  • Computer Labs
  • Auditorium
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