The university was established in 2010 by the Karnataka Government.

Karnataka Samskrit University is one of the top State University in Bangalore,Karnataka. Here are the details about Karnataka Samskrit University - Courses, Fees, Placements, cut off, Ranking, Facilities, Reviews.

Karnataka Sanskrit University is located in Bangalore and was established in. In 2010, the Government of Karnataka established the university to promote the development of Sanskrit. Sanskrit language. In addition, the university is a research institution that focuses on the proper study of research in the Sanskrit language. Additionally there are 14 assisted colleges, and three constituent colleges as well as fifteen UG Centres.

Karnataka Samskrit University campus spreads across 100 acres in Bangalore. It has a variety of amenities for students. Furthermore, the university offers accommodations, libraries and medical centre and a sports centre, as well as computer centres as well.

Accreditation and Ranking

The University Grants Commission has approved the Karnataka Samskrit University.

Courses Offered

University is comprised of three major wings, which are Departmental, Advertisement, Analysis and Coaching. In addition, the school offers programs at UG or Certificate, Diploma, PG and PhD levels, as well.



Karnataka Sanskrit University has a huge library, with an extensive collection of journals and books. The books include Granthas, Vedas, and Gitas. Additionally, there are many books that are scanned , and preserved as electronic books. In addition, the library offers access to e-journals and electronic books as well as research papers that students can consult at any point.


The university offers accommodation facilities for students. There are hostels for girls and boys. There are also other amenities such as fully furnished rooms, tables, cots, rooms as well as fans and other things.

The hostels also have a clean mess that serves nutritious and clean food for the students. In addition, the hostel has an effective security system that offers peace and security for students who live in the college.

Other facilities

Karnataka Samskrit University has a computer center with a variety of E-books and electronic journals available to students. In addition, the computers provide access to databases which allow users to access research documents as well as numerous other resources online.

Additionally the health and medical facility on campus is open to all staff and students of the college and offers first aid anytime. Additionally the university also has an extensive sports facility. In addition, the university holds various sports events and competitions among colleges and universities. Students participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor sports in the fields.

Furthermore, the university hosts cultural events and celebrations regularly to promote student participation in other activities besides academics.


There are scholarships available for economically disadvantaged and backward students. Students belonging to SC, ST, and Minority classes will receive an exemption of 50% in tuition fees in accordance with regulations of the government. Certain scholarships include SC Students for Post-Matric Scholarship and Post-Metric Scholarship. Nearly 70,000 college students profited from these scholarship schemes.


This cell of placement is effective in providing numerous opportunities for students to be involved on real-time projects and gain employment opportunities as well as summer internships well. In addition, the university's placement cell lets students explore their career options through workshops, counseling and pre-placement lectures and more. Furthermore, some institutions also cooperate with the university that allows students to expand their horizons and gain experience in various aspects of the tradition, culture and traditions of Sanskrit.


Candidates should fill out the prescribed format to be admitted into the studies offered by the university's website. The application form should be sent to 'The Registrar Karnataka Samskrit University, Pampa Mahakavi Road, Chamarajpet, Bangalore 560018'. The application and exam cost will be INR 500 (for general), INR 250 (for SC, ST) should be made in the name of the Finance Manager, Karnataka Samskrit University, Bangalore'.

Admissions will be determined by an Entrance Test and an interview that is conducted in line with the merit-based reserve policy set by the government of each state. Only the prescribed amount of students will be admitted to the programs of their choice.

The logo of Karnataka Samskrit University

Logo was created by a famed artist of Karnataka, Sri. Muralidhara V Rathod. The logo, as conceptualised by the honourable Vice Chancellor and the artist, is unique. It contains the title of the university in Devanagari, English and Kannada scripts. Devanagari script has been chosen since the university is based on the foundations of Samskrit language, literature and knowledge.


Motto for the university has been chosen from Srimanmahabharata of Vedavyasa. The motto has been represented in Devanagari script in the logo. ‘prajvalito jñanamaya? pradipa?’ indicates the supremacy of knowledge. This motto represents the objective of the university to unite ancient and modern knowledge systems. The lamp of knowledge should light up this world, going beyond place and time – this is the objective.


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