Kerala Kalamandalam Facilities 

Kerala Kalamandalam, located in Thrissur, has meticulously designed its amenities and structures with the diverse needs of its students in mind, fostering an enriching campus life. The university is dedicated to continually enhancing the educational experience, and the following details highlight the facilities available:


With an extensive collection exceeding 50,000 volumes, the Kerala Kalamandalam library covers a wide range of subjects, including dance, music, theatre, Indian history, aesthetics, epics, Puranas, and more.


Kerala Kalamandalam Equipped with essential teaching and learning tools, the classrooms at the university are designed to facilitate an effective educational environment.

Koothambalam Temple

Kerala Kalamandalam is an exquisite and aesthetically pleasing structure designed for the performance of nangiarkoothu and kutiyattam. Constructed in accordance with the inscriptions in the Natyasastra of sage Bharata from the second century A.D., it serves as an ideal venue to establish a profound connection between the audience and performers.

Kerala Kalamandalam, Thrissur Facilities

Kerala Kalamandalam provides various types of facilities to the students, staff members and faculties. Modern infrastructure and world-class facilities make learning at Kerala Kalamandalam, Thrissur a life time memory. Kerala Kalamandalam, Thrissur hostel facilities for boys and girls are separate and designed to accommodate their individual needs. The Kerala Kalamandalam, Thrissur campus also hosts common library, cafeteria, laboratories, and many other facilities. help students to have a hassle-free learning environment throughout their college life. Kerala Kalamandalam Thrissur library has a rich collection of books and it’s a perfect spot for books lovers. Also, the campus provides medical and sports facilities to the students.

Hostel Facilities at Kerala Kalamandalam Thrissur

Hostel at Kerala Kalamandalam, Thrissur has separate accommodation for boys and girls. Hostel infrastructure is good and even room are categorized to accommodate single and multiple students in one room. Kerala Kalamandalam Hostel facilities include study table, Bed, Almirah, fan etc. provided to every student. Washroom and bathroom are separated, to maintain a good hygiene Kerala Kalamandalam, Thrissur hostel staff ensures to cleaning rooms and other facilities every day. Kerala Kalamandalam, Thrissur hostel living students can also access free Wi-Fi that will help them in their studies.

Kerala Kalamandalam Thrissur hostel fee may vary upon different circumstances by on an average hostel fee for Kerala Kalamandalam, Thrissur can range between INR 80,000 - 2,50,000 per year depends on facilities. In the hostel fee, Kerala Kalamandalam mess fees is excluded, you have to pay a Kerala Kalamandalam mess fee separately. If students want to rent a PG / Flat, near the Kerala Kalamandalam, Thrissur then its cost can range from 7000 to 15000 and more depending on the location and requirement. But nearby Kerala Kalamandalam Thrissur campus there is whole locality of PG and food chains small vendor shops, grocery shop, stationery shop and everything just behind the Kerala Kalamandalam Thrissur, Kerala college campus.


Available Basic Facilities In The Campus

  • Library
  • Hostel
  • Playground
  • Sports
  • Gym
  • Cafeteria
  • Medical
  • Computer Labs
  • Medical
  • Auditorium
  • Laboratory
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