S.R.M Institute of Science And Technology Chennai Training & Placement 

S.R.M Institute of Science And Technology Chennai is home to multiple colleges and schools, each with its dedicated placement cell focused on assisting students in securing placements after completing their courses. Beyond job placements, these cells also facilitate internship opportunities for students, with some even receiving Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs). A notable success was seen in the Department of Electronics Instrumentation Engineering, where an impressive 72.22% of students were placed. In 2024, prominent Core Companies such as Tata Chemicals, Johnson Control Ltd, KPIT, HP, and Ford, along with Non-core Companies like TCS and WIPRO, actively recruited candidates from the institute.

SRM IST Skill Development and Training Programs

The initial phase of the Training & Placement process at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, focuses on skill development and training programs. These meticulously designed programs aim to equip students with skills that are highly relevant to the industry. The curriculum of these programs is comprehensive, encompassing technical knowledge, soft skills, aptitude training, and mock interviews. Through these training sessions, students not only acquire technical proficiency but also develop essential soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, workshops and seminars are organized regularly to keep students abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies. These sessions serve as platforms for students to interact with industry experts, gain insights into current market demands, and understand the evolving landscape of various sectors. Overall, the skill development and training programs lay a strong foundation for students, preparing them to face the challenges of the professional world with confidence and competence.

SRM IST Pre-Placement Talks (PPTs) and Company Presentations

Before diving into the actual placement process, SRMIST organizes Pre-Placement Talks (PPTs) and company presentations to familiarize students with potential employers. These sessions serve as an invaluable opportunity for recruiters to introduce their organizations, provide insights into various job roles, and set expectations for prospective candidates. For students, these presentations offer a glimpse into the corporate culture, values, and work environments of different companies. By attending these talks, students can make informed decisions about their career paths, aligning their skills and aspirations with the offerings of various organizations. Moreover, these interactions facilitate networking opportunities, allowing students to establish connections with industry professionals and gain a better understanding of the career opportunities available to them. In essence, the Pre-Placement Talks and company presentations play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between students and potential employers, setting the stage for a successful placement process.

SRM IST Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunities form an integral part of the Training & Placement process at SRMIST. The placement cell actively facilitates these internships, enabling students to gain practical experience in their respective fields. Internships serve as a bridge between academic learning and real-world application, allowing students to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios. This hands-on experience not only provides valuable industry exposure but also enhances students' employability by adding a practical dimension to their academic qualifications. Furthermore, internships offer students an opportunity to explore different roles, industries, and work cultures, helping them make informed decisions about their future careers. Many students also receive Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) based on their performance during internships, further validating the importance and impact of these practical training experiences.

SRM IST Mock Interviews and Group Discussions

To prepare students for the rigorous placement process, SRMIST conducts mock interviews and group discussions as part of its training initiatives. These simulated sessions are designed to replicate the actual interview environment, allowing students to practice and refine their interview skills in a low-stakes setting. Expert trainers and industry professionals evaluate students' performance during these sessions and provide constructive feedback. This feedback is instrumental in helping students identify their strengths and areas of improvement, enabling them to enhance their interview performance. Group discussions are also organized to improve students' communication, critical thinking, and teamwork skills. Through these interactive sessions, students learn how to articulate their thoughts clearly, present their ideas persuasively, and collaborate effectively with peers. Overall, mock interviews and group discussions play a crucial role in boosting students' confidence and preparing them to face the placement process with poise and proficiency.

SRM IST Placement Drives

The culmination of the Training & Placement process is marked by placement drives, where companies visit the campus to conduct recruitment tests, interviews, and group discussions. These drives provide students with an opportunity to showcase their skills, knowledge, and capabilities to potential employers. Students are shortlisted for these drives based on their academic performance, skills, and performance in placement tests and interviews conducted during the preparatory phase. The placement cell coordinates with companies to ensure a smooth and efficient recruitment process, facilitating interactions between students and recruiters. These placement drives attract a diverse range of companies, offering students a plethora of job opportunities across various sectors and roles. Through these drives, students not only secure job offers but also gain valuable insights into the recruitment processes of different companies, helping them navigate their future career paths more effectively.

SRM IST Job Offers and Placements

Upon successful completion of the placement process, students receive job offers from the companies that participated in the placement drives. The placement cell continues to support students throughout this final phase, assisting them with offer negotiations, joining formalities, and other post-placement activities. Additionally, some students may receive Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) based on their performance during internships or previous interactions with the companies. These PPOs serve as a testament to students' capabilities and the effectiveness of the Training & Placement process at SRMIST. Overall, the placement process culminates in students embarking on their professional journeys, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in their chosen careers.


Basic Information About The Training & Placement

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