St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, formerly a part of St. Joseph’s College was established in the year 1882 as an educational initiative by the French foreign mission Fathers. In 1937, the management of the college was handed over to the Jesuits, a worldwide Catholic religious order with a special focus on education. Loyola College, Chennai, St. Xavier’s College Calcutta, and St. Xavier’s College Mumbai are the other premier institutions in India run by the Jesuit Order. The Department of Commerce was established in the parent college in 1949. In 1972, this department became an independent college under the name St. Joseph’s College of Commerce. It is recognized under Sections 2(f) and 12B of the UGC Act. It became an autonomous institution in October 2004. St. Joseph’s College of Commerce was recognized as a “College with Potential for Excellence” in February 2010 by UGC.

ST. Joseph's College Of Commerce (SJCC), Bangalore is one of the Top colleges in Bengaluru, Karnataka. it's Affiliated with Bangalore university, Bangalore. Get Courses, Facilities, Placements, Recognitions & Accreditations details.

College of Commerce of St. Joseph, formerly part of St. Joseph's College, was founded in 1882 as an educational initiative of the fathers of the French embassy. In 1937, management of the college was transferred to the Jesuits, a global Catholic religious organization with a primary focus on education. Loyola College, Chennai, St. Xavier's College Calcutta, and St. Xavier's College Mumbai is another prominent institution run by the Jesuit order in India. The Department of Commerce was established in the parent college in 1949. In 1972, this department became an independent college called St. Joseph's College of Commerce. It is recognized under Sections 2 (f) and 12B of the UGC Act. It became an independent institution in October 2004. St. was recognized by UGC. Joseph's College of Commerce as a college in February 2010. The motto of the college is "Fide et Labore" ("Faith and Work"), which is a source of inspiration. the vision and mission of the college to form a society imbued with an inclusive mind to accommodate the inherent diversity of our country. From the very beginning, the college has striven to be a business school of excellence. The goal is to make the business a multidimensional academic field. It currently has an A grade from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The college has been proactive in the face of significant changes and developments in higher education, business, and commerce.

Accreditation and Ranking

ST. Joseph's College Of Commerce (SJCC), Bangalore
Approval: The Courses are approved by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council

Courses Offered

ST. Joseph's College Of Commerce (SJCC), Bangalore courses are offered at various levels like Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, PGDM in Finance Management, and many more. You can also find a brief overview of the different courses offered by the university across various disciplines with their specializations on the Course page.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Residential Accommodations:


The library has been an integral part of the educational institution since its foundation in 1972. The library significantly supports the teaching, learning, and research activities of the college by disseminating information and providing modern services to the academic fraternity. It is fully automated with Easy Lib software for cleaning operations.

Computer Centre:

The college has two well-equipped computer laboratories located on the first floor of the college building. The laboratory is fully air-conditioned (six 2-ton capacity) and has infrastructure for 160 computer systems. All computers are equipped with special electrification with UPS power backup. Fire extinguishers are also included in case of unexpected situations.

AV Room:

The facility has five large audio-visual (AV) rooms equipped with the latest audio-visual aids. Each AV room has an adjustable seat. You can use the AV room by booking in advance. MIB students have full access to these AV rooms for specialist presentations and to maximize their services.


The college has 2 auditoriums for various events and program specifications. In addition to interclass cultural activities, the college has a calendar of events and programs held in the auditorium. The college also organized several nationally important seminars and events.

Wifi Campus:

The college has integrated Wi-Fi access for students and faculty to access resources available on the Internet and intranet.


SJCC canteen is known for its delicious dishes and lip-smacking spice bags. It is a haven for students to relax after long hours. Different dishes and delicious dishes are served to different students from all over the country. There are also two vending machines in the canteen where students buy snacks for short breaks. Midday meals are organized in the canteen for those students who belong to the category of discounts offered by the college.

Conference Halls:

The conference hall was built to accommodate delegates from national seminars and events, as well as foreign exchange students. It is also used for faculty meetings and is handy during admissions. The hall is equipped with an overhead projector and other audiovisual aids.

Board Room:

The meeting room is 600 square feet and can accommodate 45 people. The hall is equipped with the latest conference equipment, such as slides, overhead projector, LCD system, and other audiovisual aids.

IT Facilities:

The university provides advanced IT facilities to its students so that they can use these resources to achieve greater heights. To enable this, the college frequently upgrades its IT facilities across the campus, including classrooms, seminar halls, and auditoriums. All classrooms are well equipped with LCD projectors and audio-visual systems. The entire campus is monitored by CCTV. CCTV has been installed throughout the campus to monitor campus activities. Wireless connections through the Sophos firewall. Staff and students can use them on their mobile phones, tablets, or laptops on the university campus. Information about future events will be published on the website, ERP, SMS service, and Digital Signage. ERP helps students and parents track their attendance, grades, and assignments. University technology is constantly updated.

ICT Enabled Classrooms:

The classrooms of our educational institution are interactive, multimedia, and rich in content. Teachers make extensive use of laptops, projectors, and speakers, which improves and optimizes the delivery method. ICT-based classrooms make learning and teaching more interesting, creative, and inclusive. Students engage in activities aimed at providing sufficient practical experience. ICT would help classrooms transition from old teaching methods of textbooks to e-books and whiteboards to interactive whiteboards in electronic space.

Online Content Development Facilities:

Electronic content is also called digital content. It refers to content or information transmitted through web-based electronic devices. The Media Lab offers highly configured Intel i9 computers and Mac systems with popular media production software such as Adobe Creative Cloud. Equipment includes high-quality photo scanners, DSLR cameras, microphones, and other audio peripherals. The media lab staff is skilled enough to help with various projects in video presentation, editing, and creating images for research papers.

Cultural Facilities:

St. Joseph's College of Business appreciates the importance of cultural activities to support and promote academic activities. The college has around 17 associations, from College Teams to art and cultural associations. The Student Council organizes two main events - Kalotsav: an intra-college cultural festival and Dhwani: an intra-college cultural festival. Apart from this, college societies affiliated with B.Com and BBA departments organize special festivals like Chanakya, Virtuoso, Cipher, etc. Linguistic and cultural associations also organize debates, competitions, and festivals, such as Ellipsis, Encarta, etc., where resource persons work in their respective fields. The field of artistic writing and music is called to educate and inform students. The University's Hashmi Theater Forum particularly supports performing artists starting out in theatre. It also organizes the annual Enact festival and conducts performance theory certificate courses for students.


Admission to UG and PG programs is based on the entrance exam / PUC or Class XII marks only. If someone contacts you with the promise of admission to SJCC, please inform the director ([email protected]).


B.Com/BBA/M.Com students who are economically weak, especially from rural areas can apply if he submits sufficient evidence of his eligibility and encloses community/income proof. A good academic record is also required (at least 60% pass in all subjects, 75% or more attended). = Donation amount – 400


St Joseph's College of Business offers internship and career support to students on and off campus. The coaching cell organizes skill development events and pre-placement activities to help students prepare for placement programs and campus placements. The training process is therefore an ecosystem that helps students and helps with career guidance and training. Placement Cell has maintained a company database for students who need help finding placements in their chosen majors. Also, students who are not placed through the chamber are continuously offered off-campus placements as companies converge on their requirements. At the end of the internship, the cell initiates a formal feedback mechanism with structured questionnaires to be completed by the companies visiting the institution to enable continuous improvement of the quality of the student.


Jesuit Education, inspired and motivated by the eventful life of Jesus Christ affirms that; • God is the author and sustainer of all reality and truth. • Every human being is created in the image and likeness of God. • Everyone is essentially an embodiment of divine virtues.


The ‘Mission’ is derived from the Vision and is the raison d’etre of the College. St. Joseph’s College of Commerce seeks to be the place where the search for knowledge complements a sense of responsibility to the life of the community, where understanding is coupled with commitment, and where academic excellence goes with the cultivation of virtue.


  • Group photo ST. Joseph's College Of Commerce (SJCC), Bangalore in Bangalore
  • Classroom ST. Joseph's College Of Commerce (SJCC), Bangalore in Bangalore
  • Libray ST. Joseph's College Of Commerce (SJCC), Bangalore in Bangalore
  • Classroom ST. Joseph's College Of Commerce (SJCC), Bangalore in Bangalore
  • Library ST. Joseph's College Of Commerce (SJCC), Bangalore in Bangalore
  • Classroom ST. Joseph's College Of Commerce (SJCC), Bangalore in Bangalore

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