Chhattisgarh Pre Engineering Test (CG PET)

By universitykart team, Posted on Jan 26, 2023

(1) About CG PET Exam

Chhattisgarh Professional Examination Board (CPEB) conducts the CG PET exam for admission to varied B. technical school courses offered by the taking part institutes of CG PET within the state. CG PET may be a state-level exam conducted in pen & paper mode. BE/BTech admissions also will be thought-about on the idea of JEE Main scores. around 15,000 candidates seem for CG PET each year. DTE Raipur is that the accountable authority for the CG PET content process. Admissions are done on the basis of scores secured by the candidates in the CG PET 2022 test.

CG PET 2023 Highlights

Aspirant must check the important highlights of CG PET 2023 from the tablulated below.



Name of the Exam

Chhattisgarh Pre-Engineering Test (CG PET)

Conducted By

Chhattisgarh Professional Examination Board (CPEB)

Level of exam

Undergraduate exam at the National level

Frequency of exam


Exam mode

Pen and Paper Based Test

Total Registrations

Approx. 15,000

Course offered through the exam


Exam Fees

·         General - INR 200

·         OBC - INR 150

·         SC/ST/PWD - INR 100

Duration of exam

3 Hours 

Number of Sections

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Total Questions


Marking Scheme

For every correct answer, 1 mark will be allotted. There is no negative marking.

Medium of Exam


Colleges Accepting Exam Score


No. of Test Cities


Official Website

Contact Details

CG PET Email ID: [email protected]

CG PET Helpline: 0771-2972780

(2) CG PET 2023 Important Dates (Tentative)

tentative dates of CG PET 2023 can be checked from the tablulated below. The dates will be updated here as soon as it is released officially. 


Dates (Tentative)

Availability of application form

April 2023

Last date to submit the application form

May 2023

Availability of correction facility 

May 2023

CG PET 2023 admit card

May 2023

CG PET 2023

May 2023

Availability of provisional answer key 

May 2023

Final date to raise objections against the provisional answer key 

June 2023

Announcement of result and release of final answer key

June 2023

Commencement of counselling

June 2023


(3) CG PET 2023 Application Form

CPEB can shortly unharness the net form of CG PET a pair of023. The registration method will carries with it filling in basic, tutorial and speak to data along side paying the desired fee.

Step one- communicating Pre-Requisites: within the 1st step, the candidates will got to fill in information citing the exam that they need applied.

Step two- Enter Basic Information: Next, the candidates will have to enter their basic information admire name, parent' name, gender, date of birth, class and a lot of details.

Step three - Uploading Scanned Documents: The scanned pictures of the candidate' photograph and signature needs to be scanned as per the rules mentioned by the authorities and uploaded.

Step four - Enter Contact Details: Candidates can got to enter their personal and communication details in CG PET 2023 application form.

Step five - choice of communicating Centre: Next, the candidates will have to choose any 3 most well-liked exam cities of their choice.

Step six - Submission of Form: the shape has to be fastidiously checked by the candidates and submitted.

Step seven - Payment of Fee: Finally, the candidates can got to pay the applying fee on-line i.e., through internet banking/credit card/debit card. 

CG PET 2023 Application Fee


Fee (Rs.)

General Category

INR 200


INR 150


INR 100

(4) CG PET 2023 Eligibility Criteria

Below are the eligibility criteria for candidates showing in CG PET 2023:

Qualifying Examination:

• candidates should have passed ten+2 or equivalent with Maths, and Physics as obligatory subjects and Chemistry/ Biology/ Biotechnology/ Technical job courses as nonmandatory subjects.

• For BTech Biotechnology, aspirants ought to have studied Biology rather than Maths in their 10 + 2.


Pass Percentage:

• candidates  should have secured a minimum of 45% marks in every of the themes in their category 10+2 or equivalent.

• Reserved class aspirants from Chhattisgarh ought to have secured a minimum of 40% in their category 10+2.

• Grace Marks: Candidates who have passed with grace marks are thought-about eligible if they acquire the minimum pass share in each subject. it's necessary to notice that grace marks won't be considered whereas computing the combination percentage for admissions.


Domicile Requirements:

• All candidates got to furnish residency proof.

• they need to get the domicile certificate prepared as proof of their residency. This will be needed throughout content and admissions.


Age Limit:

• Candidates should not be quite thirty years getting on as of July 1, 2023. 3-year relaxation is given to reserved class candidates. The minimum ordinance is seventeen years as of Gregorian calendar month 31, 2023.


CG PET 2023 eligibility criteria for admissions

•  Candidates must have qualified CG PET 2023.

• Candidates who have cleared JEE Main also will be thought-about eligible for seats earmarked for an equivalent.


(5) CG PET 2023 Syllabus


Physics: Unit 01


Units and dimensions, fundamental and derived units, dimensional analysis, S.I. units

Physics: Unit 02


Linear motion in one and two dimensions, cases of uniform velocity and uniform acceleration, general relation among position and velocity, uniform circulation motion

Physics: Unit 03

Force and laws of motion

Force and inertia, Newton's law of motion, conservation of momentum and energy static, and kinetic friction, uniform circular motion

Physics: Unit 04

Work, energy, and power

Work done by force, energy, power, elastic collisions, potential energy, gravitational potential energy and its angular conversion to kinetic energy, potential energy of a spring

Physics: Unit 05

Rotational motion and moment of inertia

Rigid body rotation, couple, torque, angular momentum conservation of its momentum, moment of inertia, theorems of parallel and perpendicular axis (moment of inertia of uniform ring, disc thin rod, and cylinder only)

Physics: Unit 06


Acceleration due to gravity and its variation, universal law of gravitation, motion of satellites, escape velocity, synchronous satellite and polar satellite

Physics: Unit 07

Properties of solids and fluids

Elasticity, Hook's law, Young's modulus, shear and bulk modulus, surface energy and surface tension, fluid pressure, atmospheric pressure, viscosity of fluids, kinetic theory of gases, gas laws, kinetic energy and temperature

Physics: Unit 08

Heat and thermodynamics

Heat, temperature, thermometers, specific heats at constant volume and constant pressure, mechanical equivalent of heat isothermal and adiabatic processes

Heat conduction in one dimension

Convection and radiation, Stefan's law and Newton's law of cooling, zeroth, first, and second law of thermodynamics

Physics: Unit 09


Periodic motion, simple harmonic motion, oscillations in spring, laws of simple pendulum

Physics: Unit 10


Transverse and longitudinal wave motion, speed of sound, principle of superposition, progressive and stationary waves, beats and Doppler effect

Physics: Unit 11


Wave nature of light, interference, Young's double slit experiment, velocity of light and Doppler's effect in light, reflection, refraction, total internal reflection, curved mirrors, lenses, mirror and lens formulae, dispersion in prism

Absorption and emission spectra, optical instruments

The human eye, defects of vision, magnification and resolving power of telescope and microscope

Physics: Unit 12


Bar magnet, lines of force, torque on a bar magnet due to magnetic field, earth's magnetic field, tangent galvanometer, vibration magnetometer, paramagnetic, diamagnetic, and ferromagnetic substances

Physics: Unit 13


Coulomb's law of electrostatics, dielectric constant, electric field and potential due to a point charge, dipole, dipole field, Gauss's law in simple geometric

Electrostatic potential, capacitance, parallel plate and spherical capacitors, capacitors in series and parallel, energy of a capacitor

Physics: Unit 14

Current electricity

Electric current, Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's laws, resistances in series and parallel, temperature dependence of resistance, Wheatstone bridge and potentiometer

Measurement of voltages and currents

Physics: Unit 15

Effect of electric current

Magnetic thermal and chemical effect of current, electric power heating effects of currents, chemical effects and law of electrolysis, thermoelectricity, Biot-Savart law, magnetic fields due to a straight wire, circular loop and solenoid

Force on a moving charge in a magnetic field (Lorentz force), magnetic moment of a current loop, effect of a uniform magnetic field of a current loop, forces between two currents, moving galvanometer, ammeter and voltmeter

Physics: Unit 16

Electromagnetic induction and alternating current

Magnetic flux, electromagnetic induction, induced EMF, Faraday's law, Lenz's law, self and mutual inductance, alternating currents impedance and reactance growth, and decay of current in L-R circuit, elementary idea of dynamo and transformer

Physics: Unit 17

Electron, photon, and radioactivity

e' and 'e/m' for an electron, photon, Einstein's photoelectric equation, photocells

Bohr model of the atom, Hydrogen spectrum, Composition of nucleus, atomic masses and isotopes, radioactivity, laws of radioactive decay, decay constant, half-life and mean life, Mass-energy relation, fission, X-Ray: properties and uses

Physics: Unit 18


Elementary ideas of conductor, semiconductor and insulator, intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, diode, transistor, oscillator, digital circuit and logic gates

(6) CG PET 2023 Admit Card

The authorities will unharness the admit card of CG PET 2023 in on-line mode for all registered candidates. The admit card of CG PET 2023 contains details just like the candidate’s name, communicating centre address, time, hall price tag number etcetera The CG PET admit card is a crucial document while not that students won't be able to seem within the exam.

Steps to transfer CG PET 2023 admit card

• Visit the official web site

• Click on the admit card link (it are updated)

• Enter number and date of birth

• see to it the main points and download CG PET 2023 admit card

• Take a print out of the admit card on associate A4 size sheet.

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