MBA Personnel Administration Syllabus

  • course years 2 Years
  • type of course Post Graduate
  • course stream Management
  • course type Full Time

Explore the syllabus for the MBA program in Personnel Administration. Study human resource management, talent acquisition, employee relations, HR policies, and organizational development.

Syllabus of MBA Personnel Administration

The MBA in Personnel Administration program focuses on human resource management and administration within organizations. Core courses encompass HR strategy, talent management, and organizational behavior. Specialized subjects include labor law, compensation management, and HR analytics. Students often engage in HR projects and leadership development programs. The curriculum ensures graduates are well-equipped for roles in personnel administration, HR management, and HR leadership.

Semester/Year Topic Title Description
Semester 1 Organizational Behavior Study of individual and group behavior in organizations, including motivation, leadership, and decision-making.
Human Resource Management Exploration of HR functions, such as recruitment, performance management, training, and employee relations.
Employment Law Examination of legal principles and regulations related to employment, including discrimination and labor laws.
Semester 2 Compensation and Benefits Analysis of salary structures, incentive programs, and employee benefits, considering market and organizational factors.
Training and Development Focus on designing and implementing training programs, assessing organizational needs, and measuring effectiveness.
Strategic HR Management Integration of HR practices with overall organizational strategy, including workforce planning and talent management.
Semester 3 Performance Management Development of performance appraisal systems, setting goals, and providing feedback to enhance employee performance.
Labor Relations Exploration of union-management relations, collective bargaining, grievance handling, and labor dispute resolution.
HR Analytics Application of data analysis techniques to HR decision-making, including workforce planning, talent acquisition, and performance evaluation.
Semester 4 International HR Management Examination of HR practices in a global context, including cross-cultural management and expatriate assignments.
Strategic Management A comprehensive study of strategic planning, competitive analysis, and formulation of organizational strategies.
Leadership and Ethics Exploration of leadership theories, ethical decision-making, and corporate social responsibility in HR management.
Change Management Analysis of strategies and techniques for managing organizational change, including communication and resistance.



Here are some examples of projects that students pursuing an MBA in Personnel Administration could undertake:


(1). Recruitment and Selection Strategy

(2). Performance Management System Design

(3). Employee Engagement and Retention Program

(4). Training and Development Program

(5). Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

(6). Compensation and Benefits Review

(7). HR Analytics and Metrics Implementation


Reference Books


(1). "Human Resource Management" by Gary Dessler

(2). "Managing Human Resources" by Wayne Cascio and John Boudreau

(3). "Strategic Human Resource Management" by Jeffrey A. Mello

(4). "Employee Training and Development" by Raymond A. Noe

(5). "Compensation" by George Milkovich and Jerry Newman

(6). "Organizational Behavior" by Stephen P. Robbins and Timothy A. Judge

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