MBA v/s Executive MBA: Which is Right for You?

By universitykart team, Posted on May 13, 2023

(1). About MBA & EMBA

There are hundreds of accredited EMBA and MBA programs offered by business schools around The globe, however earlier than aspiring college students pick one over the other, it’s vital to recall how they differ. Commonly, the EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) is misconstrued to be an advanced shape of MBA study. When in actuality, the 2 packages preserve identical cachet and cost on graduation. What units them aside is their reason and transport format, main to 2 totally specific experiences.

About MBA

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, and it is a graduate-level degree that is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of business concepts and practices. An MBA program typically requires two years of full-time study, although there are also part-time and online options available. MBA programs typically attract a wide range of students with diverse backgrounds, including recent college graduates and mid-career professionals.

About EMBA

EMBA stands for Executive Master of Business Administration, and it is a graduate-level degree program that is designed for mid-career professionals who are already in leadership positions. EMBA programs typically require less time than traditional MBA programs, usually around 18 months to two years, and are often delivered in a more flexible format, such as on weekends or in the evenings. The curriculum of an EMBA program typically focuses on advanced business topics, such as leadership, strategy, and global business, and may include specialized courses tailored to the needs of the participants.

(2). Eligibility Criteria

(a). MBA

Studying for an MBA or EMBA application calls for a number of difficult work, discipline, and effort. Like some other courses, there are a few necessities for the scholars to get entry to the course. MBA is one of all India's maximum famous control degrees, and admissions to this direction require college students to meet minimum eligibility criteria. The eligibility requirements for a full-time MBA are:

(i). Minimum 50% rating of their commencement in any area in a diagnosed university.
(ii). There is a 5% relaxation for SC/ST/OBC
(iii). Students need to rate above the cut-offs set via way of means of the schools in front assessments inclusive of CAT, NMAT, SNAP, XAT, etc.
(iv). After college students are shortlisted for software primarily based totally on those criteria, B-Schools behavior a collection of rounds to pick the students, together with a collection dialogue and private interview.
(v). MBA does now no longer require college students to have any earlier work experience.

(b). EMBA

Since EMBA is an expert degree that facilitates applicants to increase their careers, they ought to input this system with a little work experience. It offers them the possibility to transport closer to senior control roles in their careers.

To be eligible for an EMBA, candidates must have:

(i). Minimum 50% score in their graduation in any discipline in a recognized university.
(ii). Students must score above the cut-offs set by the colleges in entrance exams such as CAT, NMAT, SNAP, XAT, etc.
(iii). Work experience of a minimum of 3 years, although five and more is preferable.
(iv). Shortlisted candidates must undergo more testing and interviews depending on the institute they have applied to be enrolled in.

(3). Benefits of Pursuing an MBA or EMBA

Aspirants are often stuck with the question "Which one is better than the latter"? Both MBA and EMBA are beneficial for aspirants in many ways. Let's answer the question by analyzing the benefits of the course.

(A). Benefits of Pursuing an MBA

Students who pursue an MBA have lesser work experience and are less aware of the business environment. An MBA program helps ease students into the corporate world and provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful. Some of the major benefits of an MBA are listed below.

(i). Better Job Opportunities

Students who opt for an MBA program are more likely to gain significant field experience and are easier to consider for higher management positions as their career progresses. They are also able to negotiate higher salaries for the roles they are offered. This helps them progress in their career at a faster pace than their peers.

(ii). Specialized Knowledge

An MBA allows students to gain significant exposure to specific knowledge in their fields of specialization. Many faculties and commercial enterprise faculties have installed extensive kinds of MBA programs, focusing on numerous regions of the commercial enterprise world, because of their success. Students will benefit much from their exposure to these technical fields. In addition, sensible studying, case discussions, and peer studying are emphasized in this course, making the records acquired extraordinarily valuable.

(iii). Personal Development

An MBA program is not only helpful in gaining knowledge but also helps students polish their way of presenting their knowledge. The course encourages students to have a high level of interpersonal skills and builds their confidence. It also includes their ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and utilize their time effectively.

(B). Benefits of Pursuing an EMBA

Professionals of their mid-profession or late-profession pick to pursue an EMBA stand to benefit plenty from the course. At commencement from the course, EMBA college students can decisively decide to higher overall performance at work and a better possibility to be promoted to better stages of control of their fields. The EMBA is a fantastic device for professional development in many jobs within the company sector.

(i). Job Opportunities

Students following the EMBA applications are much more likely to be taken into consideration for Senior-degree control positions, and their specialized expertise is extraordinarily useful in the process. Their schooling enables them an advantage desire over different applicants and offers them an aggressive part inside the field.

(ii). Tailored Curriculum

As EMBA graduates are within the mid to later ranges in their careers, the curriculum is primarily based totally on their enterprise experience. As a result, EMBA graduates can integrate their realistic understanding of their fields and the understanding for the duration of this system to hone their abilities inside the discipline and emerge as specialists in their subjects.

(iii). Financial Aid

In many cases, employers of a pupil offer monetary help and resource as much as 100% to assist college students benefit their EMBA degrees. In addition, employers typically stay up for reaping the advantages of the students' specialized information once they graduate.

(4). Job Opportunities

(A). MBA

A master's degree in enterprise management opens doorways to numerous professional opportunities in loads of industries. As a result, earlier than one takes any position, one should recognize the employment openings available, their breadth of employment, positions, and duties, pay structure, or even the abilities needed. After an MBA, college students may be provided various roles in specific fields relying on their specialization. Some of them are:

Business Development Manager HR Manager
Operations Manager Marketing Manager
Business Analyst SAP Consultant
Financial Analyst


An EMBA, however, helps in career advancement that is much above these entry-level positions. It prepares the students for careers in senior management and higher roles that take years of advancement without an MBA. Some roles offered after EMBA are:

Quality Assurance Specialist Senior HR Manager
Senior Product Manager Senior Accountant
Senior SAP Consultant Senior Financial Analyst
Brand Manager

(5). Average Salary

(A). MBA

Students can get salaries that range between INR 6,00,000-25,00,000 PA in MBA Courses, depending on the student's institute, role, and personal profile. However, since most students do not have any corporate experience, their salaries are on the lower end of the range.

Job Role Average Annual Salary
Sales Associate INR 6,20,000
Marketing Manager INR 8,00,000
Human Resource Manager INR 7,70,000
Operations Manager INR 8,28,000
Business Development Manager INR 7,43,000


After completing an EMBA however, people can expect up to a 17% raise on their existing salaries within a year of completion. There is a lot of scope for increments in salaries for EMBA graduates, as their career progresses towards higher levels of management.

Job Role Average Annual Salary
Sr Business Development Manager INR 12,00,000
Project Manager INR 10,00,000
Marketing Manager INR 12,00,000
Operational Manager INR 20,00,000
IT Manager INR 20,00,000

(6). MBA v/s Executive MBA: Which is Right for You?

"Which one to choose? This is probably a query college students face whilst determining the great profession route for them. Unfortunately, there can be no at once answer. Both EMBA and MBA have their very own units of benefits that make the packages useful for the students. The solution relies upon the student's expectancies from this system and which software advantages them the most.

(1). Development of Skills

An MBA application can assist college students broaden holistically with the aid of using concerning them inside the employer of events, fests, and extracurricular activities. These increase management skills, group spirit, organizational skills, and character development, critical for success. However, due to the fact, EMBA applications are designed for running professionals, there may be much less scope for extracurricular activities.

(2). Networking and Peer Learning

An EMBA is useful for applicants who've been part of the personnel for extra than 5 years. The direction is designed to delve deeper into strategic making plans and implementation over the theoretical aspects. This offers them a top-notch gain with the possibility to community with like-minded peers. In addition, for sparkling graduates, pursuing an MBA enables them to apprehend the business world's nuances and demanding situations earlier than getting into it, accordingly making the path useful for them.

(3). High-Paying Job Opportunities

Fresh MBA graduates begin at decreased ranges of management. Pursuing a full-time MBA is a heavy investment as it is not easily self-financed. In comparison, they may be additionally taking on jobs with a lesser pay scale than EMBA students. Graduates can handiest see returns after years or more. Many EMBA college students are enrolled with inside the software through their corporations that cowl the software's training fees. If EMBA college students are self-financing their path fee, this system isn't a full-time residential software that considerably reduces costs. Yet returns are faster for EMBA graduates.

Both guides have their very own set of benefits and disadvantages, as referred to above, and college students ought to fully analyze and understand which course benefits them the most to grasp all the benefits of an MBA.

Conclusion Note

Overall, the principal distinction between MBA and EMBA packages is their goal audience. MBA programs are designed for students who are earlier in their careers and want to gain a broader understanding of business concepts and practices, while EMBA programs are designed for mid-career professionals who are already in leadership positions and want to advance their careers to the next level.


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