MBA (Master of Business Administration) Syllabus

  • course years 2 Years
  • type of course Post Graduate
  • course stream Management
  • course type Full Time
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Discover the comprehensive syllabus of the MBA program, covering core business disciplines and leadership skills.

The MBA curriculum is designed to give a holistic view of the business sector. The MBA degree is a 2-year program that includes 4 semesters. MBA subjects include a variety of topics, including Marketing Management, Business Ethics and Communication, Financial Accounting etc.

The MBA 1st year syllabus focuses on business, management, marketing, and problem-solving skills. MBA 2nd Year subjects are based on the MBA specialization. In the fourth semester, students complete MBA case studies and projects.

All About MBA Syllabus

  1. The MBA syllabus includes economics, finance, marketing, operations, and management.

  2. In the second year, students can specialize in finance, marketing, or HR management.

  3. MBA programs combine core subjects, specialization-specific topics, and case studies to provide a comprehensive business education.

  4. MBA admission is based on merits in graduation and entrance exams. The MBA entrance examination syllabus is designed to evaluate quantitative, verbal, and analytical skills and written communications.

  5. An MBA can be obtained in a distance mode, online, or part-time.

  6. Distance MBA curriculum focuses on theory rather than practical experiences such as projects or internships.

  7. A full-time MBA curriculum includes MBA Summer internships, projects, practical classes, and theory subjects.

MBA First-Year Subjects

The subjects of the MBA 1st-year are very basic. They include Marketing Management, Economics, financial accounting, operations management, and more. The first year of MBA courses teaches students the basics of management, marketing, finance, and business.

Marketing Management Principles


Financial Accounting

Operations Management

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Quantitative Methods & Statistics

Decision Making

Organizational Behaviour

Business Communication

Leadership and Organizational Development

MBA Syllabus by Semester Wise

MBA 1 Sem subjects like Marketing Management, Principles of Accounting, Business Communication, etc. Students will learn the basics of an MBA. The other three semesters are devoted to a more in-depth study of all these topics. The MBA specialization determines the focus of the last 3 semesters.

MBA 1 Sem Subjects MBA 2 Sem Subjects
Corporate Social Responsibility Macroeconomics
Microeconomics Business Law
Principles of Marketing Management Operations Management
Principles of Accounting Optimization and Project Research
Tools and Framework of Decision-making Corporate Finance
Quantitative Methods and Statistics Project Management
Business Communication and Soft Skills Marketing Management
Organizational Behaviour 1 Organizational Behavior 2
MBA 3 Sem Subjects MBA 4 Sem Subjects
Supply Chain Management Internship Projects
Financial Modeling
Strategic Management
Business Intelligence
Marketing Research
Managerial Economics
Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
Corporate Finance 2

MBA Specializations & Syllabus

MBA Finance, HR Management, and Business Analytics are top MBA specializations. The first year of the MBA syllabus for any specialization will include general MBA subjects. After that, students will learn the MBA subjects in their respective fields.

MBA Specialization Syllabus Core Subjects
MBA Finance Syllabus Financial Management and Planning
Pricing Policies
Asset Management
Capital Cost
MBA HR Management Syllabus

HR Management

Performance Management
Industrial Relations Management
Reward Management
MBA IT Syllabus Software Engineering
Computer Applications
Web Design
Database Management Systems
MBA Marketing Syllabus Marketing Strategies
Organizational Strategies
Customer Behavior
Analysis of Data-Driven Insights
MBA Business Analytics Syllabus Business Statistics and Analytics
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
HR Analytics

Distance MBA Syllabus

Many students are unable to attend colleges and universities due to the distance. Distance MBA is the best option for such students. Candidates who choose the distance learning option do not need to attend regular classes. The university provides them with the necessary study materials for home study. The tutorials and semester exams take place at nearby study centers. IGNOU, IMT CDL Amity University, NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education, and Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning are popular colleges for Distance MBA.

The MBA distance program follows the same syllabus as the full-time MBA program, which was mentioned above. The internal and external evaluation formats are similar to the regular courses.

MBA Entrance Exam Study Guide

CAT, MAT XAT ATMA, and GMAT are popular MBA entrance tests. Each MBA entrance test has a different set of criteria, number and type of questions, and marketing scheme. Every MBA entrance exam tests the following areas.

  1. Quantitative Aptitude:- This section tests a student's aptitude to solve numerical or mathematical problems. It usually includes questions on algebraic, arithmetic, geometric, and statistical issues.

  2. Data Interpretation:- This section assesses your ability to interpret data and draw conclusions. Data is typically presented in the form of tables, bar graphs, and charts.

  3. Logical Reasoning:- This section contains puzzle-like questions and patterns. It tests a student's ability for rational thinking and to solve complex problems.

  4. Verbal Ability:- This section measures your proficiency in the English Language. This section includes reading comprehension and vocabulary.

  5. Current Affairs and General Knowledge Questions:- Current Affairs questions will test your knowledge on recent events, including national or international affairs. GK questions cover a wide range of topics, including history, geography, science, and more.

  6. Basic English Proficiency:- This section tests candidates' basic English language skills including grammar, sentence structure, and comprehension to ensure they can effectively communicate in English.

MBA Syllabus: FAQs

Ques. What are the subjects of the MBA 1st Year?

Ans. MBA 1st-year subjects include topics like Financial Accounting, Marketing Management, and Organizational Behavior.

Ques. What are the core subjects of an MBA curriculum?

Ans. The core subjects of an MBA curriculum include Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations Management, and Strategy.

Ques. Do MBA programs include projects and internships?

Ans. Yes, MBA programs do include internships and project work as part of the curriculum. The MBA's last semester is dedicated to internships, industry-relevant projects, and practical experience.

Ques. What is the difference between the distance MBA and the full-time MBA?

Ans. Distance MBA is more focused on theoretical MBA topics than practical MBA subjects, internships, or projects. Full-time MBA curriculum includes summer internships, practical classes, and projects.

Ques. What is the CAT syllabus and exam pattern?

Ans. The CAT syllabus contains sections on Verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension, and Logical Reasoning.

Ques. What should I prepare for the MBA entrance examination?

Ans. Students should practice the previous year's papers and mock exams depending on the MBA entrance test. Any entrance exam will focus on mathematics, English, and logical reasoning.

Ques. What is the importance of case studies for an MBA program?

Ans. Case studies are a crucial part of an MBA program because they help students analyze real-world problems and apply their knowledge to solve them. It improves problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities.

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