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Updated On - Oct 31, 2022 PM



Candidates those who want to pursue MBA must have curiosity to know about that the scholarship is available here or not. If you also have curiosity to know about the scholarship. Then this article is only for you after go through with this article you can get answer about the scholarship which are specially available for the MBA program.

Having an MBA degree can brighten up your CV and can boost your career. An MBA degree helps you to gain the requisite knowledge, ethics, and skills to perfectly fit in the business community. In short, an MBA is one of the most satisfying courses for both students as well as working professionals. 


Yes there are. Top business schools offer scholarship for their students those who satisfied the certain criteria in academic performance, overall performance, financial background of the family and other terms and conditions which you have to fulfill for getting the scholarship by the particular business school.

Here a few sponsorship categorized on the basis of source of fund are as:-

1.    Institute sponsored scholarship- most of the management schools offer scholarship to their student those who have outstanding performance and those students who really need financial support in completion of their higher education. Institute provide this scholarship to their students itself.

2.    Industry sponsored scholarship- this kind of scholarship will be provided by the companies some of the best management college to make good image in the mind of students and also make good relation with the industry so that institute/ college will able to provide employee to the company. With this initiation industry get and can hire employee from those colleges to that they provide scholarship.

3.    Alumni sponsored scholarship- this kind of scholarship will be provided by the alumni of reputed business school to those persons who performed well and who really need any financial support in completion of their higher education.

4.    Govt. sponsored scholarship- this scholarship is provided only to the govt. college students. There are many state as well as center govt. sponsored scholarship which will be provided to the govt. college like-IITs, IIM etc.

Here scholarship is categorized on the basis of selection criteria:-

1.    Merit based scholarship- this scholarship provided only on the basis of merit in terms of academic excellence, overall performance during the MBA program and other such criteria which required. Financial background of the students is not taken consideration in this scholarship.

2.    Merit-cum-means scholarship- this scholarship is provided to those students who fulfill certain conditions of academic performance criteria and in need of financial funding assistance for their education. This scholarship is mainly provided to the SC, ST and other financial weaker students who didn’t have any assests, low family income etc.

3.    Financial assistance scholarship- this scholarship is purely based on need and provided to those students only who need financial assistance for their higher education. This scholarship needs certain minimum academic cut-offs that will be fulfilled by the students to get this scholarship.

If you are able to get good business school in India, you didn’t need to worry about the financing of your education. There are you get good opportunity and after MBA it will offers a good return on investment (ROI).

Thus I would like to suggest that try to get admission in reputed business school and no need to worry about financial assistance of fund for your learning.

Hope this article clear your doubt about the scholarship for MBA program and which kind of specific eligibility will require to meet scholarship.