MBA (Transportation Management)

  • course years 2 Years
  • type of course Under Graduate
  • course stream Management
  • course type Full Time

About Course

The MBA in Transportation Management is a two-year graduate program. The focus of the course is on transport and logistics management, which is essential for any business. This program prepares students for work in a variety of industries, including supply chain management, trade compliance monitoring, international trade management, and more. After completing this degree specializing in transport and logistics, students can find employment in consulting firms.

The MBA in Transportation Management program focuses on transportation and logistics, which are integral parts of today's business world. Graduates can expect to work in a variety of roles including highway driving management, trade compliance monitoring and supply chain management. Students can choose to complete this degree online or in a traditional classroom setting. A Master's in Transportation Management can prepare students for careers in many fields.

Upon completion of the MBA program, graduates in the transportation and logistics industry are prepared for a variety of careers. You can work in passenger transport companies, international trading companies, construction companies, state or local government, travel agencies or supermarket chains. Some clients prefer to outsource transportation and logistics to professionals with an MBA in the field. Alternatively, students can work in specialized consulting firms. A degree in transportation management can help students advance their careers and improve their prospects.

Course Highlights

Particulars Values
Course Name Master of Business Administration in Transportation Management
Course Level Post Graduate (PG)
Course Duration 2 years
Examination Type Semester System
Eligibility Criteria Bachelor’s degree with minimum 50%
Admission Process Merit/Entrance Based
Specialization Transportation Management
Internship Yes
Entrance Exams CAT, GRE, GMAT, etc.
Course Fee INR 90,000 to 5,00,000
Average Annual Salary INR 4,00,000 to 7,50,000
Top Recruiting Sectors E-Commerce, Retail, FMCG, Hospitality, and Aviation domains
Job Profiles Logistics Manager, Transportation Manager, Logistics Head

Why Study MBA in Transportation Management?

Earning an MBA in Transportation Management will help you take control of your transportation operations. This area includes both the physical and administrative aspects of the movement of goods. It can also include the planning and operation of commercial vehicles, as well as air, rail and sea transport. It basically takes care of the delivery and distribution of all goods. The job market for transportation management professionals in India is quite promising. You can find employment in a variety of companies, including manufacturing companies, retail chains, and sales offices of major manufacturers. In addition to these employers, there are also some consultants who specialize in this area.

This degree prepares you for an academic career. to meet traffic management challenges, including the changing nature of cities and communities; This area also offers many job opportunities in various departments of Indian Railways, Port Trusts and other road transport companies. However, a bachelor's course must be completed before pursuing an MBA in Transportation Management such as B.Com or BBA program. After that, you can further specialize in this area.

The MBA in Transportation Management will help you gain valuable business knowledge and improve your career prospects. This degree will provide you with the knowledge to lead your business to success. It is also of great benefit to those interested in a career in logistics and supply chain management. In addition, this MBA gives you the skills to become a transport manager. You will have the opportunity to benefit from a global network of professionals and to develop your critical thinking.

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the admission criteria for an MBA in Transportation Management:

1. The applicant must have completed a university degree with at least 50%. The applicant must have a mathematics major
2. To complete an MBA program, the candidate must pass the GMAT, GRE, or CAT exam with a minimum score set by the university
3. Applicants may be required to submit results of English tests such as IELTS or TOEFL

Admission Process

The applicant must review the eligibility criteria before applying:

1. To register for the application, applicants must visit the official website

2. The candidate must complete the registration process providing the information required to obtain the credentials.

3. You will then be taken to the application portal with your access data

4. Click on “Apply to start the application”.

5. Carefully fill in all the required information and click the “Save” button to save all the details.

6. Finally, send off the application form. All applications are approved by email and delivered with an online confirmation.

Skills Required for MBA in Transportation Management

In order to become the best logistics manager, various skills need to be improved. Applicants should analyze and identify their strengths and weaknesses. It is important to work on developing your personal skills at the same time as your academic skills. To become a leader, the most important thing is to work on interpersonal skills. To be at the peak of their career in business administration, candidates must have good leadership skills. Here are some of the important skills of an MBA in Transportation Management:

Decision-making Problem-solving
Time management Multitasking
Analytical thinking Effective communication
Instant thought process Leadership qualities
Client relationship management Critical thinking and collaboration

Entrance Exams for MBA in Transportation Management

There are several state and national standard entrance exams for the MBA program in Transportation Management. Typical entrance exams are listed below:


Fee Structure

Students can earn an MBA in Transportation Management from leading business schools in India. The MBA transportation management fee ranges from INR 3 to INR 24.5 LPA. The tuition fee structure is listed here:

Name of College Average Annual Fees
IIM, Ahmedabad 19 LPA
IIM, Bengaluru 24.5 LPA
IIM, Kolkata 27 LPA
IIM, Lucknow 19 LPA
IIT, Kharagpur 10 LPA

Selection Process

After meeting the assessment criteria for the entrance exam, the students are invited to an advisory interview. Admission is based on the student's total weight on the entrance exam, personal interview/group discussion and academic performance.

Course Comparison

Parameters MBA in Transportation Management MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Course Name Master of Business Administration in Transportation Management Master of Business Administration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Course Duration 2 Years 2 Years
Course Level Post Graduate (PG) Post Graduate (PG)
Eligibility Criteria BBA or Bachelor’s in relevant field with 50% total aggregate. BBA or Bachelor’s in relevant field with 50% total aggregate.
Admission Process Merit/Entrance Based Merit/Entrance Based
Course Fees INR 1.5 - 16 LPA INR 50,000 - 3 LPA

Top Colleges of MBA in Transportation Management

Listed below are some of the top MBA in Transportation Management Colleges in India which offer the course:

Name of College Average Annual Fee(INR)
NITIE INR 3,26,000 PA
IIM INR 900,000 PA
IIM INR 10,00,000 PA
Indian Institute of Logistics INR 154,000 PA
Indian Maritime University INR 200,000 PA
University of Petroleum and Energy INR 375,760 PA
ILAM INR 200,000 PA
IIMM INR 2,25,000 PA
Indian Institute of Logistics INR 154,000 PA
ISB INR 30,25,750 PA

Jobs and Placements in MBA in Transportation Management

MBA Transportation Management graduates have many opportunities in different fields. Graduates have great opportunities to work in various sectors such as business, private enterprise, industry, government sector, financial management, accounting management, product handling, human resource management, sales and transportation and much more.

Private Jobs

The average salary range for MBA in Transportation Management is INR 1.5 to LPA 18.5. Job titles include:

Job Profiles Salary (INR)
Banker 4.75 LPA
Insurance Manager 4.25 LPA
Logistics Manager Lead 9 LPA
Logistics Executive- Export 2.25 LPA
Procurement Manager 3.15 LPA

Government Jobs

The average salary for MBA in Transportation Management candidates is INR 3.15 to LPA 15.8 and job titles include:

Job Designation Salary (INR)
Branch Manager 9.26 LPA
Quality Manager 3.75 LPA
Regional Transport Officer 4.69 LPA
Purchase and Supply Chain Manager 7.25 LPA

Top International Recruiting Companies who hire MBA in Transportation Management graduates are:

ACG Infotech Black soft
L&T Ltd Coca-Cola
Cadbury Transocean Express Logistics
Safexpress Nestle
Biomax Fuels DTDC
Milan Supply Chain Solutions Everglory Logistics
Omni Logistics Logistics Plus
Miami Logistics Hub DGD Transport
DRT International Flagler Global Logistics
Bay Logistics Laney and Duke Logistics

Job Profiles

Some of the famous expert avenues open to successful graduates of the MBA in Transportation Management degree are indexed underneath with the corresponding salaries provided for the respective positions.

Job Profile Job Description
Logistics Manager Logistics Managers are professionals who are responsible for ensuring that the supply chain is efficient and effective throughout their organization.
Logistics Specialist A logistics specialist is a management position that handles the warehousing, shipping and receiving operations for a company.
Operations Executive The Operations Executive helps the Operations Manager with admin matters from daily operations and business growth
Logistics Head A logistics head supervises the movement, distribution, and storage of supplies and materials in a company. 
Transportation Manager A Transportation Manager is responsible for planning and supervising shipments, scheduling routes, tracking orders, and ensuring proper storage and distribution of products.

Scope for MBA in Transportation Management

This field is one of the fastest growing industries and FMCG graduates are in high demand. These opportunities offer lucrative salaries both globally and locally. Students can choose a career in any industry that interests them, including government, the education sector, or private consulting firms. Many public sector employers are looking for young professionals and innovators with specialist skills to become future entrepreneurs and leaders.

MBA in Transportation Management: Career Prospects

If you're thinking of pursuing an MBA in Transportation Management, you've come to the right place. The field is one of the fastest-growing in the world, so the need for transport management professionals is more vital than ever. With fast-moving consumer goods, a graduate with this degree will be in high demand. Whether your job is on a global level or you're just working in the local community, there are many opportunities available for graduates with this degree.

The government has a huge need for skilled transportation specialists. A graduate with a transportation management degree can be an associate professor or export executive or even an assistant professor. The government's goal is to attract the next generation of innovators and change-makers, so an MBA will give you a great career start and broad career options. The scope is endless. You can become a university professor, an industry analyst, or a banking executive - the options are endless!

The logistics sector is another area where transportation management graduates can find employment. A graduate can work as an assistant professor, associate professor, or even a full-fledged export executive. The government is always looking for new innovators and entrepreneurs, and this career path will offer plenty of opportunities. Those with an MBA in Transportation Management can also work in the industry as an assistant professor or a university professor.

FAQs on MBA in Transportation Management

(1) What is an MBA in Transportation Management?

Ans: An MBA in Transportation Management is a specialized business degree program that focuses on teaching students the management and strategic skills required to handle various aspects of transportation and logistics industries.

(2) What does the curriculum typically cover?

Ans: The curriculum usually includes courses in supply chain management, logistics, transportation operations, inventory control, strategic management, marketing, finance, and data analysis.

(3) What career opportunities are available after completing an MBA in Transportation Management?

Ans: Graduates can pursue careers in transportation companies, logistics firms, shipping companies, supply chain management firms, consulting, and government transportation agencies.

(4) How long does the program typically take to complete?

Ans: The program duration can vary, but it generally takes two years for full-time students to complete the MBA in Transportation Management.

(5) Can I pursue this degree online?

Ans: Yes, many universities offer online MBA programs in Transportation Management to accommodate working professionals and students with other commitments.

(6) What are the prerequisites for admission to the program?

Ans: Requirements may vary, but most schools require a bachelor's degree, GMAT/GRE scores, relevant work experience, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose.

(7) Is work experience required before applying for an MBA in Transportation Management?

Ans: Work experience is not always mandatory, but many programs prefer applicants with relevant professional experience.

(8) How does an MBA in Transportation Management differ from a regular MBA?

Ans: An MBA in Transportation Management focuses specifically on transportation, logistics, and supply chain management, while a regular MBA provides a broader business education covering various industries and disciplines.

(9) What are the benefits of pursuing this degree?

Ans: The degree equips students with specialized skills and knowledge in transportation management, enhancing their career prospects and earning potential within the transportation and logistics sectors.

(10) Is financial aid available for this program?

Ans: Yes, many universities offer financial aid options such as scholarships, grants, and loans to help students finance their MBA in Transportation Management.

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