Meghalaya Class 10, 12 Board Exam Dates 2024 Out; Check Complete Schedule Here

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Meghalaya Class 10, 12 Board Exam Dates 2024 Out

Meghalaya Class 10, 12 Board Exam Dates 2024 Out; Check Complete Schedule Here

The Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBOSE) has unveiled the schedule for the Meghalaya Class 10 Board Exam 2024 and Meghalaya Class 12 Board Exam 2024. Scheduled from March 4 to March 15, 2024, the MBOSE Board Exams 2024 will span 3 hours, commencing from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Entry to the exam hall is slated to begin at 9:30 AM.

For students gearing up for the Meghalaya Class 10 and Meghalaya Class 12 Board Exam 2024, the comprehensive timetable is available for scrutiny on the official website at

To ensure a smooth examination experience, candidates are strongly advised to reach their respective exam centres at least half an hour before the designated exam time. It is imperative to carry their MBOSE Admit Card 2024 for the identification process. For a detailed Meghalaya Board Exam Time Table 2024 for both class 10th and 12th exams, refer to the information provided in this article.

As students gear up for this crucial phase in their academic journey, it's essential to delve into the schedule's details and understand its implications. In a recent announcement, the Meghalaya Board of School Education revealed the comprehensive timetable for the upcoming Class 10 and 12 board exams. For students and educators alike, this information serves as a roadmap, guiding them through the weeks of preparation leading up to the examinations.

Meghalaya Class 10 Board Exam Dates

The Class 10 exam schedule includes a variety of subjects, each with its unique challenges. From the announcement of dates to the specific duration of each exam, students must pay close attention to the details to plan their study sessions effectively.

Exam date


March 04, 2024


March 06, 2024

Science and technology

March 08, 2024

Indian languages/additional English

March 11, 2024

Mathematics/special mathematics

March 13, 2024

Health and physical education/computer science/vocational subject

March 15, 2024

Social science

Meghalaya Class 12 Board Exam Dates

Class 12 students face a more diversified timetable, with subject variations and difficulty levels. As the stakes are higher, meticulous planning and focused preparation become paramount for success.

Exam Date


March 1, 2024


March 4, 2024


March 5, 2024

MIL/Alt English

March 6, 2024

Geography/ Poultry Farming-IV/Computer Technique-IV

March 7, 2024


March 8, 2024

Home Science/Poultry Farming-V/Computer Technique-V

March 11, 2024

Philosophy/Chemistry/Entrepreneurship (Commerce)

March 12, 2024


March 13, 2024

Anthropology/Business Studies

March 14, 2024


March 15, 2024

Computer Science/Informatics Practices/ Poultry Farming-VI/Computer Technique-VI

March 18, 2024


March 19, 2024

Political Science

March 20, 2024

Elective Languages/Entrepreneurship (Vocational)

March 21, 2024

Psychology/ Statistics/Geology

March 22, 2024

Vocational Subjects

March 26, 2024

Music (Western)

March 27, 2024

Physical Education

Tips for Effective Preparation

Navigating through the exam period successfully requires more than just rote learning. Time management, subject-specific strategies, and the importance of regular revision play a pivotal role in achieving desirable outcomes.

  1. Create a Realistic Study Schedule:

    • Plan your study sessions with a realistic timetable. Allocate time for each subject based on its weightage and your proficiency.

  2. Prioritize Important Topics:

    • Identify key topics and chapters that carry more marks or are more challenging. Focus on mastering these areas first.

  3. Use Active Learning Techniques:

    • Engage in active learning by summarizing information in your own words, creating flashcards, or teaching concepts to someone else. This reinforces understanding.

  4. Practice Regularly with Mock Tests:

    • Take mock tests to simulate exam conditions. This helps in improving time management, identifying weak areas, and building confidence.

  5. Effective Time Management:

    • Break down your study sessions into manageable chunks. Take short breaks in between to maintain focus and prevent burnout.

  6. Utilize Quality Study Materials:

    • Choose reliable study materials provided by the board or recommended textbooks. Ensure that the content aligns with the exam syllabus.

  7. Seek Clarification:

    • Don't hesitate to ask teachers or peers for clarification on doubts. Understanding concepts thoroughly is crucial for exam success.

  8. Create a Distraction-Free Environment:

    • Find a quiet and comfortable space to study, free from distractions. Turn off notifications on your devices to stay focused.

  9. Revise Regularly:

    • Regular revision reinforces what you've learned. Create a revision schedule closer to the exam date to refresh your memory.

  10. Stay Healthy:

    • Maintain a balanced diet, get adequate sleep, and engage in physical activities. A healthy lifestyle contributes to better concentration and memory.

  11. Positive Mindset:

    • Cultivate a positive mindset. Believe in your abilities and stay optimistic. Visualize success to boost confidence.

  12. Join Study Groups:

    • Participate in study groups to discuss concepts with peers. Explaining ideas to others can deepen your understanding.

  13. Use Technology Wisely:

    • Leverage educational apps, online resources, and videos to supplement your learning. However, ensure they align with your exam syllabus.

  14. Variety in Study Methods:

    • Experiment with different study methods to discover what works best for you. Some may benefit from visual aids, while others may prefer reading aloud.

  15. Stay Calm During the Exam:

    • On the exam day, remain calm. Read questions carefully, manage your time wisely, and focus on answering each question to the best of your ability.


  1. How can students access the detailed exam schedule?

    • The detailed exam schedule is available on the official website of the Meghalaya Board of School Education.

  2. Are there any changes in the exam pattern compared to previous years?

    • Yes, there may be some changes in the exam pattern, and students are advised to carefully review the official announcement.

  3. What resources are recommended for effective exam preparation?

    • Students can utilize study materials provided by the board, and online resources, and participate in mock tests for thorough preparation.

  4. How can parents support their children during the exam period?

    • Parents can create a conducive study environment, offer emotional support, and encourage healthy study habits.

  5. What happens after the exams are over?

    • After the exams, students can expect the announcement of results, followed by guidance on the next steps in their academic journey.

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