The TERI School of Advanced Studies was established as a Trust in 1998 with the purpose of providing academic learning programmes. With TERI as its sponsoring society, TERI SAS focused its attention on developing a set of learning programmes that were both in support of and were supported by, the research on issues of energy, environment and sustainability being undertaken by TERI. It was envisioned that the academic rigour brought by faculty members would enhance the quality of TERI’s application-focused research, whereas the state-of-art research of TERI would constantly freshen up the curriculum of TERI SAS’s programmes and increase its societal relevance.

TERI School of Advanced Studie is one of the top Deemed University in New Delhi .Here are the details about TERI School of Advanced Studie - Courses, Fees, Placements, cut off, Ranking, Facilities, Reviews.

About TERI School of Advanced Studies (TERI SAS), New Delhi

The TERI School of Advanced Studies (TERI SAS) was established in 1998 as a Trust with the aim of providing academic learning programs. With TERI-The Energy and Resources Institute as its sponsoring society, TERI SAS focused on developing learning programs that aligned with and supported the research on energy, environment, and sustainability conducted by TERI. The institute aimed to enhance the quality of TERI's research through the academic rigor brought by its faculty members, while also ensuring that the curriculum of TERI School of Advanced Studies programs stayed updated and relevant through the state-of-the-art research conducted at TERI. This collaborative relationship between the two institutes has further strengthened their contribution to India and the world. TERI SAS and TERI have a memorandum of understanding in place, which enables them to share research infrastructure, undertake collaborative research programs, joint studies, and support seminars, symposia, and conferences.

The University Grants Commission granted TERI SAS the status of a "Deemed to be University" in 1999, further strengthening its purpose and vision. Since then, the university has not only provided world-class education but has also fostered an environment that encourages students to develop fresh perspectives on their chosen subjects. Regular interactions with researchers, scientists, and academicians form an integral part of the learning experience at TERI SAS. The university conducts convocations where degrees are awarded to deserving students, and notable figures from various industries deliver addresses emphasizing the importance of sustainable development and its incorporation into higher education.

In 2008, TERI SAS moved to its new 'green campus' in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, a prestigious institutional area. The campus has been designed to provide a conducive environment for learning while showcasing modern green building concepts. Recognizing the significance of international perspectives, TERI SAS has established collaborations with several international universities to facilitate the exchange of students, faculty, knowledge, resources, and ideas.

Accreditation and Ranking of TERI SAS, New Delhi

TERI School of Advanced Studies (TERI SAS), New Delhi, holds a prestigious position in the academic landscape with its affiliation and accreditation. The institute is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) as a Deemed-to-be University, granting it the authority to confer degrees. Additionally, TERI SAS has received accreditation from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), validating its commitment to maintaining high standards of education. The institute's affiliation with TERI, a renowned research organization, further enhances its academic rigor and promotes a synergistic relationship between research and learning. TERI SAS's commitment to excellence is also reflected in its ranking among the top institutions in the country, positioning it as a trusted destination for students seeking quality education in the field of energy, environment, and sustainability.

TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi Courses

TERI School of Advanced Studies (TERI SAS), New Delhi, offers a wide range of courses in the field of energy, environment, and sustainability. The institute provides undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs that are designed to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in their respective domains. The courses offered include Bachelor's and Master's programs in Environmental Studies, Data Science, Economics, and Master Business Administration. These courses at TERI SAS encompass interdisciplinary subjects, providing students with a holistic understanding of the interconnectedness between energy, environment, and sustainable development. The curriculum is designed to incorporate the latest research and industry practices, ensuring that students receive relevant and up-to-date knowledge. With a strong emphasis on practical learning and research, TERI SAS prepares students for professional careers and leadership roles in areas related to energy, environmental policy, sustainability management, and more.

Facilities and Infrastructure at TERI SAS, New Delhi

TERI School of Advanced Studies (TERI SAS), located in New Delhi, provides a conducive environment for learning and research through its modern facilities and infrastructure. The institute offers the following facilities to support academic and extracurricular activities:

Computer Labs: Well-equipped computer labs with the latest technology and software to facilitate research, data analysis, and practical learning in various disciplines.
Cafeteria: A cafeteria provides a variety of healthy food options, snacks, and beverages, offering students a space to relax and socialize.
Laboratory: Specialized laboratories equipped with advanced instruments and equipment to support practical experiments and research in science, technology, and environmental studies.
Library: A well-stocked library with a vast collection of books, journals, research papers, and online resources to facilitate academic pursuits and research.
Hostel: On-campus hostel facilities for students, providing a safe and comfortable living environment. The hostels are equipped with modern amenities and foster a sense of community among students.
Medical: A medical facility to cater to the healthcare needs of students, with trained staff available to provide immediate assistance for minor ailments.
Classrooms: Spacious and well-equipped classrooms that facilitate effective teaching and learning, providing students with a conducive environment for academic growth.
Wi-Fi Campus: The entire campus is equipped with a Wi-Fi network, enabling students and faculty to access online resources, conduct research, and stay connected.

The state-of-the-art facilities at TERI School of Advanced Studies contribute to a holistic learning experience, empowering students to engage in academic pursuits, research, and extracurricular activities in a supportive and inspiring environment.

TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi Admission Process

The admission process at TERI School of Advanced Studies (TERI SAS), New Delhi, follows a systematic procedure to ensure a fair and transparent selection of candidates. The institute considers various factors, including eligibility criteria, entrance exams, and interviews, to assess the suitability of applicants for their chosen programs. Here is an overview of the admission process at TERI SAS:

TERI SAS, New Delhi Eligibility Criteria: Candidates must meet the specified eligibility criteria for the program they wish to apply for. The eligibility criteria may include educational qualifications, minimum marks required, and other specific requirements.

TERI SASNew Delhi Entrance Exams: For certain programs, TERI SAS conducts entrance exams to assess the knowledge and aptitude of candidates. The entrance exams may vary depending on the program and are designed to evaluate the candidate's proficiency in relevant subjects.

TERI SAS, New Delhi Cutoff List: After the entrance exams, TERI SAS prepares a cutoff list based on the performance of candidates. The cutoff list represents the minimum marks required to qualify for further stages of the admission process.

Fee Payment: Candidates who meet the cutoff criteria need to complete the fee payment process within the specified time frame. The payment can usually be made online or through other designated modes.

Admission Confirmation: Upon successful completion of the fee payment, candidates receive confirmation of their admission to the respective program. They are required to complete any remaining formalities and submit the necessary documents as per the institute's guidelines.

The admission process at TERI SAS is designed to ensure the selection of deserving candidates who meet the institute's academic standards and align with its vision and values. It is advisable for applicants to thoroughly review the admission requirements and guidelines provided by TERI SAS for their chosen programs.

TERI SAS, New Delhi Application Process

The application process for TERI School of Advanced Studies (TERI SAS), New Delhi, is conducted online. To apply for admission, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official website of TERI SAS.

2. Navigate to the "Admissions" section and select the desired program.

3. Read the eligibility criteria and other requirements for the program of your choice.

4. Fill out the online application form with accurate personal and educational details.

5. Upload the required documents, such as educational certificates, identification proof, and passport-sized photographs, as per the specified format.

6. Pay the application fee online through the available payment methods.

7. Verify all the information provided in the application form before submission.

8. Submit the application form online within the given deadline.

9. After the submission, take a printout of the application form and keep it for future reference.

TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi Scholarship

TERI School of Advanced Studies (TERI SAS), New Delhi, offers scholarships to eligible students to support their academic journey and encourage excellence. The scholarships are awarded based on a combination of means and merit, providing financial assistance and recognizing outstanding academic achievements. Here are the details of the scholarship programs at TERI SAS:

Means-based Scholarship: This scholarship takes into account the gross annual household income of the student. The weightage given to means-based criteria is 40% while preparing the merit list.

Merit-based Scholarship: The merit-based scholarship considers various factors, including the marks obtained in the undergraduate course, relevant scores from national-level entrance exams (such as NET, GATE, CAT, MAT, and GMAT), and performance in the interview. The weightage given to merit-based criteria is 20% for each factor, amounting to a total weightage of 60%.

TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi Placement

TERI School of Advanced Studies (TERI SAS), New Delhi, provides excellent placement opportunities for its students through its dedicated placement cell. The placement cell actively collaborates with various organizations, inviting them for pre-placement talks and conducting campus recruitment drives. The cell strives to secure placements in diverse sectors, including environmental organizations, consulting firms, research institutes, and government agencies, among others. TERI SAS has a strong track record of attracting top recruiters, such as HCL Foundation, TATA Consultancy Services, CII, UNDP, Infosys, and KPMG. The TERI SAS placement cell plays a vital role in bridging the gap between classroom learning and industry requirements, ensuring that students are well-prepared and equipped for successful careers in the field of energy, environment, and sustainability.


To create new knowledge through research and contribute to the discourse on sustainability issues at national and global levels.


To accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable world through the creation of knowledge and human capacity. To be a globally recognized deemed University in the sphere of sustainability studies.


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