Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.)

  • course years 3 Years
  • type of course Under Graduate
  • course stream Vocational
  • course type Full Time

About B.Voc course

The Bachelor of Vocation (BVoc) program has emerged as one of India's most popular options due to the growing importance of vocational or skill-based education. The supply of skills necessary for a specific trade is the goal of BVoc. The course differs from standard academic programs in that it places a greater emphasis on practical research rather than just theoretical knowledge. One of the greatest advantages of choosing a BVoc over a standard degree program is the candidate's continued exposure to the industry and the numerous exit options available to them throughout the program.

i) A BVoc is a three-year undergraduate program that can be completed in a variety of fields, including hospitality, food technology, healthcare, graphic design, and health and wellness.

ii) Applicants to the majority of B.Voc programs are required to have a minimum grade point average of 55% on the 10+2 or diploma exams.

iii) Admission to B.Voc is determined either through merit-based admissions (DU) or through entrance examinations like the CUSAT CAT, IPU CET, CUCET, and AMUEEE.

Unit managers, transportation associates, college counselors, facility managers, vocational training associates, placement facilitators, team supervisors, restaurant managers, electrical maintenance engineers, and workforce coordinators are just a few of the jobs available to recent graduates. Others include workforce coordinators. Among the top employers are Wipro, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., Nestle India Ltd., LANCO Group, and others. The starting salary range is between 3LPA and 4LPA.

B.Voc Course Details

Degree Bachelors
Full Form Bachelor of Vocational Studies
Duration 3 Years
Age Maximum age of 45
Subjects Required Any stream at 10+2 level
Minimum Percentage A minimum of 50% in 10+2
Average Fees INR 6000 - 60,000 PA
Similar Options of Study M.Voc
Average Salary INR 4 LPA
Employment Roles Administrative Manager, Office Manager, Project Manager, Senior Marketing Manager, General Manager, Operations Manager, Marketing Executive, Senior Executive Assistant, Assistant Professor etc.
Opportunities NIIT Ltd, Orion Group, Rustomjee, LabourNet, Godrej Industrial Limited, Dabur India Ltd, PepsiCo India Holdings, Nestle India Pvt Ltd etc.

Eligibility Criteria for B.Voc Course 

A valid 10+2 score of at least 50%-60% in any relevant stream from a reputable board is required to be eligible for the B.Voc program. According to B.Voc's eligibility guidelines, the maximum age is 45. Students should also be able to pass the college entrance exam or any other national-level exam. IPUCET, CET, AMUEEE, and other major exams are included. for the course's eligibility.

The B.Voc course admission procedure

The B.Voc admission requirements differ from those of other college and university degree programs. B.Voc colleges in India accept students based on how well they do on the national entrance exam. Other colleges, on the other hand, conduct their own entrance exams to see if a student is qualified for admission.

The B.Voc colleges' admissions offices or the university's website both have applications for admission. The specifics of the general admissions procedure are as follows:

How do I apply for the B.Voc program?

i) The official website of the college contains information regarding admission to B.Voc courses. For the B.Voc course, online applications are available on the college's website. Students should regularly visit the websites of their respective colleges and universities because admissions procedures vary.

ii) Students can also submit their application forms in person or online. For offline admission, students must visit the campus, complete the application, and collect the brochure.

iii) Process of Selection The best B.Voc colleges in India are chosen either based on merit or through an entrance exam. Some of the best colleges for B.Voc admit students solely on the basis of how well they did on the entrance exams. To be eligible for the course, students must take entrance exams like CUCET, IPUCET, and MHT CET, among others.

Who Should Apply for a B.Voc?

One of the most well-known programs is the bachelor of vocational studies because of its vocational and merit-based learning. Software Development, Banking and Finance, Bakery and Cooking, Retail Management, Logistics Management, and Medical Laboratory Technology are just a few of the many specializations offered in this course. This course is open to candidates who are interested in any of the specializations.

When Should You Perform B.Voc?

Students can apply to colleges for the B.Voc course based on their preferred specialization if they wish to enroll immediately in this course. The students must score between 50 and 60 percent on their 10+2 or diploma exams from a recognized board. Students also need to prepare for the entrance exams if they want to get into the best colleges.

Types of B.Voc

The B.Voc program is the one that students who want to start their careers as soon as possible most often choose. B.Voc courses can be taken full-time, part-time, or online so that students can study while working or taking care of other responsibilities.

Full-Time B.Voc

A three-year Full-Time B.Voc program is available. The students must be aware of the requirements of the university they choose before enrolling in this course. Attending seventy percent of a full-time class, attending regularly scheduled lectures without giving any excuses, and completing assignments within a specified time frame are all requirements.

Part-Time B.Voc

A three-year Part-Time B.Voc program is especially designed for students who are working to meet their needs and requirements and don't have a lot of time to devote to their studies.

Distance B.Voc

Distance B.Voc is a three- to four-year program that can be completed from any location at any time. This course is open to anyone over the age of 18. These courses cost anywhere from INR 5,000 to 25,000 PA on average.

Common B.Voc Entrance Exams

Colleges that offer this course frequently require applicants to take entrance exams in order to be considered for admission. Students who are interested in taking this course will be required to take entrance exams at the college, state, or national levels. The most popular exams in B.Voc are as follows:


2. CAT 





7. CET

What Does a B.Voc Graduate Do?

With a B.Voc degree, graduates can work in both public and private organizations. After completing this course, students may go on to work as an electrical maintenance engineer, a computer operator, an executive in the food processing industry, a business development manager, or a home economist.

Engineer for Electrical Maintenance: Engineers who specialize in electrical maintenance typically work for businesses. Electricians are responsible for the upkeep, installation, and repair of electrically powered machinery and equipment. They also take care of maintenance and repairs for a facility's electrical systems. In the vocational field, students can acquire a wide range of knowledge and experience.

How B.Voc Course Can Help You Find a Fulfilling Career

Graduates of the Bachelor of Vocational Studies have the opportunity for exciting and successful careers in the industry, making it a rewarding career choice. Beauty and wellness, fashion technology and apparel design, hospitality and tourism, animation, applied computer technology, healthcare, and many other fields can employ graduates of vocational studies. The B.Voc program can prepare graduates for careers in both public and private organizations.

Options and Scope for a Career: Vocational Studies graduates are employed in a rapidly expanding field that develops finished goods and performs other industry-based work. Graduates with numerous skills are in high demand as technology advances continuously.

Tips for Preparing for the B.Voc Course Before pursuing a B.Voc course as a future career option, students should be well prepared. Students seeking admission to a Bachelor of Vocational Studies should follow these recommendations:

Information Regarding the Course: Completely examine the course and its syllabus. The aspirant should then choose the career and specialization that are most suitable for them. The aspirant must be familiar with the course's topics and syllabus. The aspirant will have an easier time selecting a career path if they comprehend the course material.

Increasing Skills: Develop your skills to take advantage of the opportunities presented to students and perform well in the course. Enhance the aspirant's capacity for communication and problem-solving. Make sure students have the skills they need to succeed before they apply to take this class. Students will benefit from this course in terms of developing their abilities and technical skills.

Engage in Internships: Students benefit from participating in internships to gain practical experience.

Proficiency: Physics proficiency, physical and mental performance under pressure, and ability to work well in a group setting are all required of students. In order for students to succeed in this course, they should have some knowledge of the workplace.

Experience in the Workplace: Additionally, this course may be beneficial to those who already have experience with vocational education but are interested in expanding their knowledge. Review and practice concepts and modules prior to the exam to alleviate exam pressure.

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