Certificate in Physical Education (C.P.Ed)

  • course years 1 Years
  • type of course Certificate
  • course stream Education
  • course type Full Time

What is C.P. Ed (Certificate in Physical Education)?

(Certificate in Physical Education) C.P.Ed. is a one-year programme after completing higher secondary school (10+2). The time it takes to complete this course varies from one to three years, depending on the institute where you are receiving your certification. The amount of time it takes to complete this certification varies from one institute to the next, depending on where you get your degree.


The Certificate in Physical Education (C.P.Ed.) programme assures physical development, recreational competence, and exercises that encompass various physical activities, all of which are important components of physical education. This course provides applicants with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform effectively in sports. 


Students in this course learn about educational physiology, health education, kinesiology, special education, educational administration, and more. This course is built on students completing physical activities in an active, supportive, and non-threatening environment. Its goal is to give kids a range of activities and challenges to help them maintain their mental, physical, and emotional health. Students can participate in a curriculum that includes games, skill development, athletics, and fitness activities as part of this study.


The course focuses on providing technical assistance to students and preparing them for various professional options available in today's market. It provides students with opportunities to get experience in physical activity teacher, education research on physical activities, 

coaching, and leadership.


Eligibility Criteria for C.P. Ed (Certificate in Physical Education)

  • To be eligible for the C.P.Ed. You must first complete your D.Ed., a two-year certificate programme in education that prepares students to work as nursery school teachers.
  • The C.P.Ed. Ed programme is designed to offer government schools with the expertise of primary school teaching.
  • Anyone who has a strong desire to work in sports and has passed the Intermediate (10+2) Examination, which is equivalent to the 12th-grade examinations, or who has taken the exam and is awaiting results, is eligible for the course.
  • Teachers who have earned their B.Ed. (General) degrees are also suitable and eligible for the C.P.Ed. Physical Education programme.

Benefits of C.P. Ed (Certificate in Physical Education)

  • This degree programme allows students to participate in various physical activities, including education, teaching, verbal instructions, demonstrations, videos, and diagrams.
  • It aids those who desire to teach at the post-secondary level, i.e. college and university, in public or private institutions.
  • It is also excellent for those interested in physical activities, health, and desire to become teachers.
  • They can pursue a higher degree programme in their chosen topic to become teachers or lecturers.
  • Candidates might work as health counsellors and instructors for sports and physical activities.

Future Scopes of C.P. Ed (Certificate in Physical Education)

  • Other jobs in this industry are also accessible. Physically trained persons have prospects in the defence and army forces after completing this training.
  • A career in medicine may include specialisation in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sports-related injuries. A sports medicine specialist can work as a team doctor for a professional sports club. It will be linked to sports medicine, which deals with physical actions and how the human body reacts to them.
  • The biggest advantage and necessity of psychology as a job for physical educators is that it is required. Sports psychologists help athletes assess their mentality and increase their positive by motivating them and urging them to perform better.
  • Candidates may pursue higher studies: B.P.E.S. or B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed, M.Phil or PhD. 

Career, Salary Package and Job Opportunities after C.P. Ed (Certificate in Physical Education)

  • C.P.Ed program is for people who want to pursue sports as a career. After completing this degree course, they can work as a coach, fitness instructor, gym trainer, athletic trainer, sports management, physical education teacher, commentator, or a sports journalist.
  • GEMS Education, Metro Career Solutions, Adecco India Private Limited, and S.V. Edu Sports Private Limited are leading recruiting firms.
  • Game coaching centres, sports clubs, educational institutions, health facilities, and hotels are the finest places to look for such applicants.

The average starting salary is INR 2 lakhs, while top performers and innovators can make up to INR 40 lakhs or even more.

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