Bachelor of Arts Honours (BA Hons.) Geography - Govt. College for Girls (GCG Panchkula)

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About BA Geography: Admission Process, Eligibility Criteria, Scope, Entrance Exams, Fees Structure, Benefits, Syllabus, Job, Top Colleges

The Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Geography) is an undergraduate full-time Geography course. The length of the course is three years and divided by six sessions. Geography is the science of studying geographical features and people who inhabit Earth and the land. The focus of the course is on various aspects of land, water as well as the environment. external and internal formations.

The fees for this course vary from INR 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs depending on the performance of the candidate in entrance tests and the scores obtained during their 10+2 exam.

Candidates who have completed the 10+2 or equivalent exam in the arts or sciences from a recognized school can take part in this course. Students must score at least 45% marks to qualify for entry into this course.

Students study topics such as Geomorphology, Hydrology, Climatology, Nature of Geography, economic geography, social geography, Geography of India, and many more. The techniques taught through this course are Cartographic techniques of Geography. analytical techniques in geography applied geographic techniques and wrote reports on field research based on their research.

Following completion of this program, graduates can find jobs as Geographers Cartographer, Demographer, Tourist guides, Forest managers Translator, Regional Planners and so on. and work in areas like Colleges/Universities, Travel Journalism, Rural Development Departments, Travel and Tourism Industry, Mining Industry, Government Research Industry, etc. The average pay for these professionals is INR 2-10 lakhs, depending on the knowledge and knowledge in the sector.

BA Geography Hons Course Highlights



Full Form

Master of Arts degree of Geography with Honours


3 Years



Minimum Percentage


Average Fees

Rs5K 1 LPA

Similar Options to Study

BA (Geography), BA (Sociology) [HonsBA (Geography), BA (Sociology), BA (History) (HonsBA (History) [Hons BA (Political Science) [HonsBA (Political Science) [Hons

Average Salary

INR 3.59 LPA

Employment Roles

Geography teacher, Cartographer, HR Manager Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst, Assistant Manager Senior Research Analyst

Top Recruiters

Travel & Tourism Industry, Solid Waste Disposal, Rural Development Departments, Mining Industry, Government Research Institutes

BA (Hons) Geography: What is it about?

In the BA Hons Geography course, students study the earth's surface and its field of study. This subject is the basis for planning, mapping and environmental protection. The course is primarily focused on specific areas like Geographic Information Systems (GIS) along with environmental geomorphology.

Some of the most important concepts covered in this course include:



GIS and mapping

Physical geography

Human geography

Human Geography: The subject is focused on the impact on the population of the world and further research in this area. The other subjects included are growth in population, economic development as well as geopolitics, urbanization including land use, and the allocation of resources.

GIS: GIS in Geographic Information System classes, students are taught about the applications of GIS Digital mapping and data collection, spatial analysis and mining, as well as the usage of GIS in public policy.

BA Hons Geography:Who should opt for this course?

• Candidates with a good understanding of geography and with a keen eye are a good fit.

• Candidates with an interest in teaching at a higher level are suited.

• Candidates who are physically fit enough to perform in any environment and are up-to-date with details about the earth's environment as well as the changes happening in the world.

• Candidates with interpersonal abilities ability, problem-solving, aptitude for decision-making, numerical abilities ability to plan, and ability to work in teams are appropriate.

BA Hons Geography Admission Process

To be eligible for admission to this program, students need to get the required marks on the merit list or obtain excellent scores on the entrance test conducted by the college of their choice. The process for admission varies from one state to the next. Eligible students must fill out application forms and submit them at the time of admission.

1. Process of application

2. Merit lists or scores from entrance exams

3. Admissions

Entrance Exam

The majority of colleges choose students based on marks scored in their 10+2 examinations. Certain colleges have entrance tests such as:




BA (Hons) Geography Eligibility

To be Eligible for BA Hons Geography eligibility, students must have passed 10+2 or an equivalent exam in the art field from an approved board. Students need to score at least 45% marks to qualify for admission into the course. The percentage of students can differ from one institution to the next. Eligible candidates can fill out an application and then apply to this program on the Internet or offline.

BA (Hons) Geography Top Institutes

Name of College


Average Annual Fee

Lovely Professional University


INR 1,98,000

GD Goenka University


INR 2,25,000

PDM University


INR 1,49,000

Indraprastha College for Women


INR 73,800

Nalanda Open University


INR 7,200

Kirori Mal College


INR 32,160

Ram Lakhan Singh Yadav College, Ranchi University


INR 2,121

Aditi Mahavidyalaya


INR 15,930

Mewar University


INR 99,000

Shaheed Bhagat Singh College


INR 19,425

Vidyasagar College


INR 13,650

Swami Shraddhanand College


INR 32,565

Dyal Singh College


INR 30,340

S.S Jain Subodh PG college


INR 51,600

Udaynarayanpur Madhabilata Mahavidyalaya


INR 16,050

Suresh Gyan Vihar University


INR 2,58,000

BA Geography Honours Career Opportunities

The range for BA Geography Hons in India is highly rewarding and lucrative due to the rise of numerous public and private organizations that employ graduates of this course. Numerous jobs in the BA Geography Hons course are available to students in various careers. It is the BA Geography Hons course that will make sure all students get access to all the resources they require to excel in their chosen area of study. Here are some of the careers that graduates may begin with following their BA Geography Hons degree:

Instructor and Lecturer

Forest Manager

Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing Specialist

The Regional and Urban Planner


Tourist Guide Translator



BA Geography Honours Areas of recruitment

The potential following the BA Geography Honours degree is open to graduates of both public and private sectors. BA Geography Hons government jobs are offered to students taking entrance exams. In addition, this Bachelor of Arts Geography Hons positions are also open to graduates of foreign countries, as well as India. Below are some of the most sought-after job openings after the Bachelor of Arts in Geography Honours in India for graduates:


Travel Journalism

Travel and Tourism Industry

Solid Waste Disposal

Rural Development Departments

Mining Industry

Government Research Institutes

Environment Protection Agencies

Agricultural Research

Indian Civil Services

BA Geography Hons Graduates Job & Salary

The Scope of the BA Geography Hons degree and the salary in India is extremely impressive and rewarding for graduates because of the value of the education they receive. It is important to note that the BA Geography Hons starting salary isn't fixed for students. The average salary of the BA Geography Hons in India according to PayScale, is between INR 2.5 3 LPA to 2.5. Below are a few examples of BA Geography job vacancies in India together with the pay for those who graduate:

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary

GIS Analyst


Research Associate




BA Geography Hons Government jobs

There are numerous BA Geography Hons jobs in the government for graduates as well as private employment. It is estimated that the BA Geography Hons govt jobs pay in India is about INR 2.3 LPA. It is estimated that the BA Geography Hons salary in India per month could be increased if the students receive higher education or have work experience. Below are a few details of BA Geography Hons scope in the private sector and salary for graduates:

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary

Research Associate




BA Geography Hons Graduates Private Sectors

BA in Geography with an Honours job salary within the business sector of graduates is extremely satisfying. The median salary for graduates working in the industry is INR 2.5 3 - 3 LPA. The pay after completing a BA Geography Honours in India could increase further depending on the degree they have obtained, whether it is through additional education or work experience. Here are some of the most popular jobs post-graduation that hopefuls can begin with and their typical earnings:

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary

GIS Analyst


Research Associate



FAQs Related to Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Geography

Ques. What is the definition of a What is a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Geography (Hons)?

Ans. A Bachelor of Arts in Geography (Hons) is a bachelor's degree that provides a thorough study of Earth's landscapes and environments and human interaction within them. It concentrates on topics like physical and human geography environmental studies, as well as geographic information systems (GIS).

Ques. What are the requirements to be considered for admission into the BA Geography (Hons) program?

Ans. The criteria for eligibility may differ based on the university, however, generally, applicants must have completed their secondary schooling (12 years of education) with a good academic record. Certain institutions may also require requirements for certain subjects, such as geography or other related sciences.

Ques. What are the average costs for the BA Geography (Hons) program?

Ans. The cost of the BA Geography (Hons) program may vary widely based on the school, location and whether the student is a resident or international. In general, tuition costs for undergraduate courses range from a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars annually.

Ques. How do I apply for admission into the BA Geography (Hons) program?

Ans. To be considered to be admitted, prospective students usually need to fill out an application form on the website of the institution or via the admissions website. Alongside filling out the form students may be required to submit additional documents like transcripts, recommendation letters, as well as personal statements.

Ques. What are the prospects for a career following the completion of a BA Geography (Hons) degree?

Ans. Students who have an undergraduate degree in Geography (Hons) have a range of options for careers in areas like urban planning and environmental management GIS analysis and market research as well as international development. They could find work in non-profit and government agencies, organisations, consulting firms or even in academia.

Ques. Are there any training sessions in the field of practicals? offered in the BA Geography (Hons) curriculum?

Ans. A lot of BA Geography (Hons) programs include workshops, fieldwork and internships. These opportunities allow students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting learn practical skills and gain experience through hands-on geographic research and analysis.

Ques. Do I have the option of continuing my studies after I have completed the BA Geography (Hons) degree?

Ans. Yes, students of BA Geography (Hons) programs can choose to pursue additional studies at a postgraduate level, for example, an MS or PhD to specialise in a specific area of geography or other related areas like urban planning or GIS.

Ques. What are the most important subjects included in the BA Geography (Hons) curriculum?

Ans. The BA Geography (Hons) curriculum typically covers a broad range of subjects, such as physical geography (e.g. landforms, climate) and Human geography (e.g. the population and culture) and the study of environmental issues (e.g. conservation and the environment, sustainability), GIS and spatial analysis, research methods and theoretical concepts of geography.

Ques. Is there any financial aid available to BA Geography (Hons) students?

Ans. Several universities offer grants, scholarships or financial aid packages that help students who are pursuing their undergraduate degrees, which include BA Geography (Hons) programs. Students who are interested in studying should look into and apply for scholarships through the financial aid office as well as external organisations.

Ques. How long will it normally take to finish the BA Geography (Hons) degree?

Ans. The length of the BA Geography (Hons) degree program is usually between three and four years if it is it is completed in full-time mode. However, the exact timeframe will vary based on various factors like the institution's academic calendar, requirements for credit and other additional elements like studies abroad or internships.

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