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What is Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacy?

The Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacy is also known as DVP. It is a two-year degree course teaching drug techniques on animals. Veterinary pharmacy courses cover field pharmacy science, with pharmacists specializing in the treatment of animals. PG Diploma, Diploma, UG, and PG level veterinary pharmacy courses are available. Veterinary pharmacy is part of the veterinary medicine area. This certification is particularly for pharmacists who work in or want to work in the animal health industry, namely in the supply and use of animal pharmaceutical goods.


Pharmacy technicians and other pharmacy personnel may study the taught modules at a lower academic level, resulting in SQP certifications. Pharmacological knowledge, compounding techniques, veterinary science, diseases and conditions in animals, and drug therapy are covered by veterinary pharmacists. The DVP course prepares the students in the areas listed above.


In India, there are diploma programmes explicitly dedicated to Veterinary Pharmacy, although bachelor's degree programmes require a background in Veterinary Science. There are also specialized courses available where Veterinary Science graduates can choose from various specializations, including Veterinary Pharmacy.


Eligibility Criteria for Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacy

  • To get admitted for his programme, students must pass their 12th-grade core subjects being physics, chemistry, and biology.
  • Students must have a score of at least 55 per cent on the qualifying examination to be qualified for this course. 
  • In most cases, admissions are direct, and candidates are short-listed based on their 12th-grade grades.

Benefits of Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacy

  • The Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacy programme assists students in learning and comprehending the components of medicine and medications. The candidates will be able to treat and cure animals in veterinary hospitals after completing this course.
  • It assists the student in comprehending and examining the medications that are administered into the bodies of animals. It also aids research at pharmaceutical companies and colleges.
  • Veterinary pharmacists can work in other relevant industries include consultation services, animal pain management, and therapeutic practices.
  • Owners of pets and animals can seek advice from them.
  • They can begin as a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company and work their way up to become a research expert.
  • Diploma-holding pharmacists may work in the pharmaceutical sector and government departments or agencies like the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) or in regulatory affairs.

Future Scope of Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacy

Students who want to continue their education might enrol in master's programmes such as

  • the MV. Sc in Veterinary Medicine.
  • Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology (MV. Sc)
  • Veterinary Surgery and Radiology (MV. Sc)

 For students can also pursue Doctoral Degree Programs:

  • Veterinary Medicine Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.)
  • Veterinary Pathology Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.)
  • Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.)

Career and Job Opportunities after Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacy

Veterinary pharmacists work in animal medicine, prescribing pharmaceuticals for a variety of ailments in animals such as fever, intestinal worms, and the adverse effects of specific foods, among others. They can also open private clinics for checkups or operate in government hospitals as drug dispensers after a veterinary doctor's prescription. The responsibilities, on the other hand, differ depending on their academic and professional backgrounds. They can work as :

Manager of the Farm: Agricultural managers are in charge of maximizing farm output and overseeing farmers, animals, poultry, and farmland. They earn an average of INR 4,78,350 every month.


Surgeon, Veterinary: Veterinary surgeons are trained to operate on animals who have suffered a serious injury or sickness. Their average annual salary is INR 5,99,880.

Animal scientists are veterinarians who investigate animals' biological, physical, and chemical characteristics and environments. They earn an average of INR 7,06,235 each month.

Aside from that, they work as veterinary doctors, animal social workers, animal caretakers, and farm supervisors.


Fees Structure & Duration of Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacy


Tuition fees are determined by various circumstances, including the type of college (government or self-financing), the student's scholarship status, the college's rating, and so on. Tuition expenses might range from 10 to 40 lakh INR per year on average. Duration of this course is 2 years.

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