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  • Years 4 Years
  • Type Course Under Graduate
  • stream Engineering
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Students studying B.Tech. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are likely to be well-versed in topics such as deep learning, human-computer interaction, and augmented reality. The program is also focused on the creation of useful and scalable computer programs, with applications in several industries. The course teaches students how to build intelligent machines, software, and applications. The skills learned include algorithms, building systems, and programming them to solve problems. 

The job market for graduates in the field is promising and offers financial security and a lifelong career path. Additionally, B.Tech courses in AI-ML equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to enter the industry. This is one of the most exciting and sought-after degrees today. The B.Tech in CSE Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program is centered on the development and application of computer-aided systems. It aims to produce problem-solvers and automate tasks. 

Benefits of B.Tech in CSE Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This course focuses on AI and ML and will prepare you for the ever-changing job market. It will equip you with modern practices and a solid foundation to tackle engineering problems in various areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computational intelligence. In addition, it will give you the necessary knowledge to develop your soft skills. You'll be able to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to real-world problems. Those who are interested in B.Tech. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be in high demand in the future. Many companies are already incorporating AI into their business processes to streamline sales and marketing processes. Therefore, the job opportunities are much greater than for traditional engineering disciplines.

You'll gain hands-on experience in various aspects of AI and will be well equipped to handle a wide variety of challenges. The program's innovative approach emphasizes project-based, lab-based, and case-study-based learning. Those who want to work in AI-related industries will have a great deal of flexibility. While there are no set rules for what can be automated, AI-related jobs will always have a high demand. The field of artificial intelligence is growing at a fast pace in India, and the demand for skilled professionals in this field is expected to double in the next year. This career path will also open up lucrative opportunities for people who have a passion for AI.

Eligibility for B.Tech in CSE Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Applicants qualifying their 10+2 exam from a recognized Board and Science stream (Physics and Mathematics compulsory subjects) are eligible. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) offers a B.Tech in CSE Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that combines a variety of AI&ML courses with the basic courses in CSE.  The goal of this course is to program computers to solve problems. It also provides solutions for multidisciplinary social issues. It also prepares graduates to work in a range of industries.

The curriculum of the B.Tech in CSE (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) program combines machine learning, analytics, and visualization. The goal of this program is to teach computer systems to automatically solve problems. Examples of successful applications include the analysis of past sales data, the creation of personalized websites, and extracting knowledge from bioinformatics data. Advanced courses in artificial intelligence and machine learning will prepare students for research and other advanced studies. 

Future Scope of B.Tech in CSE Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

A B.Tech in CSE with AI and ML training enables a student to get a job in a variety of industries, from public to private. With demand for AI and ML professionals exceeding supply, it's an excellent opportunity for those who wish to become machine-learning experts. As AI technology continues to advance, virtually no major enterprise will be left behind. Today, the application of AI and machine learning in everyday life has increased exponentially. This technology is already being used in driverless cars. Many companies are developing self-driving vehicles and using AI and machine learning to build these vehicles. 

The benefits of such technologies are many, from improved road safety to entertainment. Ninety percent of traffic accidents are the result of human error, and these technologies will help reduce human error. Some of the companies that are developing self-driving cars include Uber and Tesla. In the future, AI will make it easier for doctors to diagnose diseases and reduce costs. Another area where AI will be used in medicine is BCIs. These can detect speech and movement problems and decode neural activities. The AI industry is quickly growing, and job opportunities for AI professionals are unlimited. As AI spreads its wings, new jobs will be created. As the industry becomes more efficient, high-profile positions will also arise.

Course duration and fee details of B.Tech in CSE Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The B.Tech in CSE Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The program is offered in four years and the fee structure may vary from college to college on average it is around 150k-200k INR per semester. The course is industry-integrated, featuring a project-based learning approach. Which can lead to internships with MNCs and startup opportunities. 

The B.Tech in CSE Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Will provide students with knowledge and skills that are in demand in the industry. The course is a four-year undergraduate degree program. Where students learn how to write a computer language that guides machines and minimizes human intervention.

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