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What is Bachelor of Planning (B.Plan)?


A four-year full-time professional undergraduate programme is a bachelor of planning (B. Plan). The design of our urban surroundings – economically, ecologically, socially and culturally – also has a crucial function for professional designers, therefore impacting our lives. It is a multidisciplinary curriculum. The course provides a thorough understanding of urban and regional planning, theories of planning, housing and settlements, building structural foundations, real estate planning, urban development, and urban planning.


The degree trains students in several areas relating to urban settlements, such as design, engineering, management and problems management. The curriculum focuses primarily on environmental concerns and aims at sustainable development and natural resources management. This curriculum is specially intended to recognise the relevance of sustainable development and environmental management. However, it is led by environmental management, protection of human resources and development. 


Its purpose is to draw from an architectural, engineering, administratively, economic, geographical, sociological, law, law-building and regional planning sector.


Eligibility for Bachelor of Planning (B.Plan)


The fundamental qualifying criteria for a Bachelor of Planning degree are:

  • The student must pass the high school or any 10+2 exams. The minimal reduction is 50%. In higher secondary exams, the applicants must have had mathematics as a required subject.
  • Additional qualifying criteria may also be provided by colleges as required.
  • Acceptance to B. Plan is based mostly on entrance exams. This is followed by advice or a personal interview. The admission examinations can be done based on different colleges, nationally and regionally. JEE Main, NATA, JUEE, TANCET, UPEE and others are significant entry examinations.


Benefits of Bachelor of Planning (B.Plan)


  • This is a very demanding course. The demand for intervention in the planning of smart cities, solar-powered settlements and constructions with an eco-friendly and green impact has been increasing in recent times when the entire world is moving towards sustainable strategies and plans. At the same time, cities suffer from poorly executed planning.
  • This course also encompasses ecology and geography-related studies, including mitigation in the field of risk, disaster management, ecology, hydrology, demographics, geology, topography, environment and resources development, and management.
  • B. plan students must learn in-depth know-how in technological instruments such as design and planning laboratories, computer-aided planning, and geoinformatics.
  • Students can pick from infrastructure planning, rural development and administration, etc.
  • The fundamental motto of this job profile is to develop, organise, plan and use the most sustainable production of human communities, villages and cities.
  • Besides buildings and towns, design experts play a crucial role in planning scientific, well-managed, sustainable transport, sanitation, drainage, and water supply systems.


Future Scopes of Bachelor of Planning (B.Plan)


  • The work involving a Bachelor of Planning comprises modelling, design, planning, surveying, estimating costs, management and administration of projects, and many more.
  • A planning professionals' main job is to utilise optimal available resources and build an environment that is functional and comfortable. It was designed, planned, and built to develop communities, cities and cities transport, wastewater, and sanitation systems.
  • In addition to working as professionals, students can also seek a master's degree in planning after graduation. Pupils can pursue the M.Tech. and M.Sc. of Planning.


Career and Job Opportunities after Bachelor of Planning (B.Plan)


Bachelor students with a degree in planning have a promising career in the government's employment sector. The main job areas for graduate planning are government architecture, urban planning, housing schemes, aesthetic development, PWD jobs, and municipal jobs.The public transportation industry offers planning professionals ample working opportunities in the road, rail, and metro transportation projects. 


Building and architectural companies, NGOs, urban planning businesses, construction companies in the private sector such as the roads, trains, bridges, public buildings, etc. and real estate developers are the primary recruiters of planning professionals.

Also, another promising thing is self-employment by starting one's own company. Aspirant candidates are suitable for interior designer, planner, design architect, which lead to senior positions such as urban planner, regional planner, etc., depending on the type of work and profile applicant.


The average salary of such professionals is 3L.P.A to 6L.P.A

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