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Discover the comprehensive D.P Ed Diploma in Physical Education syllabus. Prepare for a dynamic future in sports and fitness

Syllabus for D.P Ed Diploma In Physical Education course

The Diploma in Physical Education (D.P.Ed) program is a comprehensive course designed to provide students with a strong foundation in physical education and sports sciences. The syllabus for D.P.Ed typically covers a wide range of subjects and practical training to prepare individuals for careers in the field of physical education and sports coaching. The study program includes coursework in subjects such as anatomy, physiology, sports psychology, sports nutrition, and exercise physiology. Students also learn about the principles and techniques of various sports and games, as well as the rules and regulations governing them. Practical training is an integral part of the program, where students are required to actively participate in various sports and physical activities, allowing them to develop their skills and expertise in teaching and coaching. Additionally, students often engage in classroom discussions, workshops, and seminars to enhance their theoretical knowledge and pedagogical skills related to physical education. The D.P.Ed program equips graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue careers as physical education instructors, sports coaches, fitness trainers, and sports management professionals, making it a vital qualification for those passionate about promoting physical fitness and wellness.

1st Year OR 1st & 2nd Semester Syllabus of Diploma in Physical Education (D.P.Ed)

1History and Principles of Physical Education
2Foundations of Physical Education
3Basic Anatomy and Physiology  
4Recreation & Value education
5Yoga Education 
6Health Education & Environmental Studies                                                                                                
7Methods of Physical Education                
8Adapted Physical Education& Corrective Exercises

2nd Year OR 3rd & 4th Semester Syllabus of Diploma in Physical Education (D.P.Ed)

1Sports Training 
2Child Psychology and Sociology
3Information Technology in Physical Education 
4Youth Leadership & Social Welfare                         
5Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation 
6Organization and Administration of Physical Education                                                                                              
7Test and Measurement in Physical Education
8Nutrition and Naturopathy 
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