Check all details about Puducherry Technological University, Puducherry, Puducherry - Facilities and Infrastructure like campus & classrooms, hostel, library, sports, canteen & cafeteria and more facilities inside & outside

Puducherry Technological University, Puducherry Facilities

Puducherry Technological University provides various types of facilities to the students, staff members and faculties. Modern infrastructure and world-class facilities make learning at Puducherry Technological University, Puducherry a life time memory. Puducherry Technological University, Puducherry hostel facilities for boys and girls are separate and designed to accommodate their individual needs. The Puducherry Technological University, Puducherry campus also hosts common library, cafeteria, laboratories, and many other facilities. help students to have a hassle-free learning environment throughout their college life. Puducherry Technological University Puducherry library has a rich collection of books and it’s a perfect spot for books lovers. Also, the campus provides medical and sports facilities to the students.

Hostel Facilities at Puducherry Technological University Puducherry

Hostel at Puducherry Technological University, Puducherry has separate accommodation for boys and girls. Hostel infrastructure is good and even room are categorized to accommodate single and multiple students in one room. Puducherry Technological University Hostel facilities include study table, Bed, Almirah, fan etc. provided to every student. Washroom and bathroom are separated, to maintain a good hygiene Puducherry Technological University, Puducherry hostel staff ensures to cleaning rooms and other facilities every day. Puducherry Technological University, Puducherry hostel living students can also access free Wi-Fi that will help them in their studies.

Puducherry Technological University Puducherry hostel fee may vary upon different circumstances by on an average hostel fee for Puducherry Technological University, Puducherry can range between INRINR 80,000 to INR 1,00,000 per year depends on facilities. In the hostel fee, Puducherry Technological University mess fees is excluded, you have to pay a Puducherry Technological University mess fee separately. If students want to rent a PG / Flat, near the Puducherry Technological University, Puducherry then its cost can range from 7000 to 15000 and more depending on the location and requirement. But nearby Puducherry Technological University Puducherry campus there is whole locality of PG and food chains small vendor shops, grocery shop, stationery shop and everything just behind the Puducherry Technological University Puducherry , Tamil Nadu college campus.

Puducherry Technological University(PTU), Puducherry: Campus and Amenities

The campus, strategically located 12 kilometers from the railway station and around 150 km south of Chennai, boasts a serene and inspiring environment.  Its architectural landscape includes departmental buildings, a theater, an open-air theater, residential quarters, and various state-of-the-art amenities. Commuters are provided free transportation services, while the entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled, ensuring seamless connectivity. Notably, the campus benefits from 100% power backup, ensuring uninterrupted operations across all departments. Additionally, the university proudly holds 76 memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with renowned institutions, fostering collaborations and enriching academic endeavors.

Puducherry Technological University(PTU), Puducherry: Residential Accommodation

The hostels at PTU embrace diversity, accommodating students from diverse cultural backgrounds across India. These hostels provide attached mess facilities, offering menus curated by the residents themselves. Each hostel, equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, fosters communal socializing, relaxation, and recreation spaces. The festive spirit thrives within these hostels, with vibrant celebrations of cultural events like Chithirai Thiruvizha, Onam, and Holi. The university features three boys’ hostels named Varali, Saranga, and Charukesi, honoring Carnatic Music ragas, along with a girls’ hostel named Tharangini.

Puducherry Technological University(PTU), Puducherry: Library Facilities

Puducherry Technological University's library structure is designed to provide ample space and natural lighting, creating a conducive environment for learning. Its extensive collection includes over 56,000 books encompassing various disciplines from national and international authors, research publications, and scientific journals.  Additionally, the library offers e-accessibility, providing students and faculty with a vast array of e-books and journals.

Puducherry Technological University(PTU), Puducherry: Medical and Sports Facilities

PTU ensures the well-being of its community with a well-equipped dispensary operational round the clock. A dedicated ambulance service is available for emergencies, complemented by qualified medical personnel attending to the health needs of students and staff. The university's sports complex buzzes with activities, nurturing athletes and hosting various sporting events throughout the year. The complex includes courts for basketball, football/cricket, volleyball, and handball, fostering a culture of sporting excellence. Moreover, PTU offers recreational facilities such as golf and tennis courts, catering to diverse sporting interests.

In conclusion, Puducherry Technological University is an academic sanctuary adorned with modern amenities, fostering holistic development and creating an enriching learning, growth, and community engagement environment. 

Puducherry Technological University(PTU), Puducherry: Auditorium Facilities

Puducherry Technological University auditorium stands as an architectural marvel with a seating capacity of approximately 800 individuals. Engineered for exceptional acoustics, it is fully equipped to host various performances, functions, and presentations. This multi-level building also houses a cafeteria, seminar halls, and green rooms, complementing the auditorium's versatile functionality.


Available Basic Facilities In The Campus

  • Library
  • Hostel
  • Playground
  • Sports
  • Gym
  • Cafeteria
  • Medical
  • Computer Labs
  • Medical
  • Auditorium
  • Laboratory
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