Seth Navrang Rai Lohia Jairam Girls College was established in 2001 by a great visionary, philosopher, and social worker Late Shri Devender Swaroop Brahmchari Ji Maharaj with the noble cause of uplifting the rural women of India, His dream was to make education available to long suppresses rural women since they don’t get equal opportunities, he along with disciple Sh. Braham Sawroop Brahamchari ji Maharaj, the present chairman of the college, laid the foundation of this college at Lohar Majra, Kurukshetra, which is in the heart of rural area and situated at the banks of Sarawati River. Gram Panchayat of Lohar Majra village and Lohia Family played a significant role in the realization of his dreams and made an immense contribution in the establishment and growth of this college.

Seth Navrang Rai Lohia Jairam Girls College is one of the Top colleges in Lohar Majra. It's Affiliated with the University of Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. Get Courses, Facilities, Placements, Recognitions & Accreditations details.

Seth Navrang Rai Lohia Jairam Girls College was established in 2001 through a top-notch visionary, philosopher, and social employee Late Shri Devender Swaroop Brahmchari Ji Maharaj with the noble purpose of uplifting the rural ladies of India, His dream was to make education to be had to lengthy suppresses rural ladies in view that they don’t get identical possibilities, he together with disciple  Braham Swaroop Brahmachari Ji Maharaj, the existing chairman of the college, laid the inspiration of this faculty at Lohar Majra, Kurukshetra, that's withinside the coronary heart of the rural place and located on the banks of Saraswati River.  Gram Panchayat of Lohar Majra village and Lohia Family performed a massive function withinside the attention of his desires and made a giant contribution withinside the status quo and boom of this faculty. 

Accreditations and Ranking:

The College is Affiliated with Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, and Recognized through UGC.

Courses Offered:

The College Courses are Offered through Undergraduate Programs ( BA, BCOM, BSCM BBA, BCA ) and Postgraduate Programs ( MA, MCOM ), and so forth.

College Facilities:

The college library is well equipped with 3000 books for academic, religious; and entertainment. The library subscribes to numerous Indian magazines, journals, and different kinds of literature for the gain of scholars. Teachers and college students use the library for connection with their assignment paintings and to make ready coaching aids. The library is up to date with today's arrivals from time to time. The library room is spacious, ethereal, and nicely ventilated. It stays open for the duration of running days from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm which makes the students avail ideal use of the library.

For science college students, the college has a physics lab that's geared up with all equipment or equipment in step with the requirement of the; Degree Level Syllabus.  Computer Labs are geared up with a number of computer systems with all different add-ons and net facilities too. The latest software program has been bought for coaching computer systems to trade college students and to the students of B.Sc. Computer technological know-how. Assistance in coaching laptops is likewise supplied via the commuter lab in the adjoining polytechnic, in which know-how in laptop schooling is without problems to be had.  In addition to the above labs, the college even has a Home Science lab geared up with three fuel line connections, electric devices like Mixi, OTG, Microwave ovens, Sewing machines, and so forth. 

There are track rooms one for vocal and one for an instrumental branch. These are geared up with considered necessary musical instruments. By offering education in the track we provide possibilities to create, recreate and respect Musical, and dance expression. Students are made to analyze making a song in addition to gambling easy musical instruments. The college arranges a great deal of cultural opposition to convey the hidden capabilities of some of the college students.

The college additionally gives hostel centers to outstation college students. Hostel affairs are thoroughly taken care of through a skilled Hostel warden. The hostel mess is administered on a cooperative basis. Hostel rooms are ethereal and an educational atmosphere is maintained withinside the hostel.

A cafeteria is to be had withinside the college premises. The college stresses hygiene and makes sure that the cafeteria is easy and hygienic. The college promotes vegetarianism. College students have a preference simplest in vegetarian meals. The meals and snacks are nutritious.

The college has a fleet of 15 buses for offering delivery facilities to students coming from remote faraway places. About four hundred college students every day commute. An endeavor room has been installed for the boarders, in which they're loose to apply centers for the duration of their loose time. Their endeavor room has a television, track system, and video player.

Auditorium Hall:
Our organization additionally has a massive nation of artwork auditorium “Sh. Devender Swaroop Bharamchari Auditorium”. The talks through visitor speakers, inter-college competitions, and vital features which include the once-a-year College day, Independence Day, and Teachers Day are held here.  The auditorium can seat approximately a thousand humans and has a completely superior mild sound system.

Seminar Hall:
The College has an aesthetically designed Seminar Hall in which all of the vital workshops and seminars are held. The seminar corridor is facilitated in today's era and is nice–geared up with a multimedia projector. The seminar corridor is applied for shows made through college students for projects, seminars, reviews, and so forth in addition to for professional lectures, education programs, workshops, and so forth.  It can accommodate up to one hundred sixty college students and interactive periods also are taken up through the management, faculty, staff & college students.




• To inspire and encourage each young woman to pursue opportunities and contribute positively to the world. • To provide a quality education through academic programs that instill rigors in the pursuit of knowledge. • To prepare students for a better career and to be worthy citizens of a global society. • To create a culturally sensitive and inclusive environment upholding core values of respect for diversity.


To be the flag bearer of women empowerment through higher education that combines emerging global trends with value-based education for young women.


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