BMS (Marketing)

  • course years 3 Years
  • type of course Under Graduate
  • course stream Management
  • course type Full Time
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(1). About the Course


BMS marketing, also known as Bachelor of Management Studies in Marketing, is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the study of marketing principles and strategies within the field of business management. This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of marketing concepts and their practical applications in various industries. The BMS marketing program aims to develop student's skills and knowledge in areas such as market research, advertising and promotion, consumer behavior, sales management, brand management, digital marketing, and international marketing. Students are equipped with the tools and techniques necessary to analyze market trends, identify consumer needs, develop marketing campaigns, and create effective marketing strategies to achieve organizational goals.


Throughout the course, students gain a deep understanding of market dynamics, consumer preferences, and competitive strategies. They learn how to identify target markets, position products or services effectively, and create compelling marketing communications to engage with customers. Students also explore the role of digital technologies and social media platforms in modern marketing practices. Overall, the BMS marketing course offers a comprehensive foundation in marketing principles and practices, preparing students for dynamic and rewarding careers in the ever-evolving field of marketing.


Overview of the Course

Here are the highlights of the course BMS Marketing:

Name BMS Marketing
Course Level Graduate
Duration of the Course 3 years
Examination Type Semester and Annual
Eligibility 10+2
Admission Process Entrance exam and Merit Based
Average Course Fee INR 5,000 to 8 lacs
Average Starting Salary INR 2 to 10 Lacs
Top Recruiting Companies ICICI, HDFC, Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp, Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture, HCL, IBM, etc.
Top Job Areas Tourism Dept., Educational Institutions, FMCG, Hospitality, Banking Sector, Retailing Sector, IT Sector, Media & Advertising Sector, Market Research, Consultancy Services, etc.
Top Job Positions Marketing Manager, Market Research Analyst, Brand Manager, New Product Manager, Advertising Manager, Marketing Executive, Marketing Communications Manager, Public Relations (PR), Sales Manager Director, etc

Why BMS Marketing?


BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) in Marketing is a popular course that offers numerous benefits and opportunities. Here are five reasons why the BMS Marketing course is advantageous:


(1). Career Opportunities


The field of marketing offers a wide range of career opportunities. Completing a BMS Marketing course equips you with the essential skills and knowledge required for various marketing roles such as market research analyst, brand manager, advertising executive, sales manager, digital marketer, and many more. The course provides a strong foundation for pursuing a successful career in the marketing industry.


(2). Importance of Marketing


Marketing plays a crucial role in the success of any business. It involves understanding consumer behavior, identifying target markets, creating effective marketing strategies, and promoting products or services to generate revenue. By studying BMS Marketing, you gain insights into market dynamics, consumer psychology, marketing strategies, advertising techniques, and sales management, which are vital skills for businesses to thrive in competitive markets.


(3). Versatility across Industries


Marketing skills are applicable across various industries. Every industry, whether it's FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods), technology, healthcare, finance, or hospitality, requires marketing professionals to promote their products or services, build brand awareness, and attract customers. With a BMS Marketing degree, you have the flexibility to work in different sectors, expanding your career options and providing opportunities for growth and diversification.


(4). Salary Potential


Marketing professionals often enjoy favorable salary prospects. The salaries can vary depending on factors such as job role, industry, experience, and location. With a BMS Marketing degree, you can qualify for entry-level positions that typically offer competitive starting salaries. As you gain experience and progress in your career, there are opportunities for salary increments, promotions, and bonuses. Additionally, specializing in areas like digital marketing or strategic marketing can further enhance your earning potential.


(5). Growth and Potential


The marketing industry is dynamic and constantly evolving. Technology advancements, changing consumer trends, and globalization have transformed the marketing landscape. Pursuing a BMS Marketing course enables you to stay updated with the latest marketing trends and practices, equipping you with the skills to adapt to changing market scenarios. This field offers ample scope for creativity, innovation, and professional growth, allowing you to make a significant impact on business outcomes.


(2). Admission Process


Admission to BMS Marketing program relies upon a merit-based admission procedure. Few institutes are likewise conducting their entrance test to select deserving candidates. The MHCET is one of the known entrance exams for the course. Those applicants who cleared the entrance test must have to attend group discussions or a personal interview as part of the selection process.


Types of Courses


Here is some information about different modes of education that may be available for pursuing this course BMS Marketing course:


(1). Full-Time Mode 


This is the traditional mode of education where students attend classes regularly, usually during weekdays. Full-time programs offer a structured curriculum and typically require a significant time commitment from students. This mode allows for immersive learning, engagement with faculty and peers, and access to campus resources.


(2). Online Mode


Online education has gained popularity in recent years due to its flexibility and convenience. Online programs allow students to study remotely, access course materials, and interact with instructors and fellow students through digital platforms. This mode is suitable for those who prefer self-paced learning and have the flexibility to manage their study schedules.


(3). Distance Learning Mode


Distance learning programs are similar to online programs but typically rely on physical study materials, such as textbooks and instructional CDs, which are delivered to students' homes. These programs are suitable for individuals who may not have reliable internet access or prefer a more traditional approach to learning.


Eligibility Criteria


(1). Candidates who have earned their Class 12 diploma—or the equivalent—from an accredited board or university are eligible for this course.


(2). The minimal cumulative requirement to pursue it in the majority of BMS colleges is 50% (45% for students in the Reserved category).


Accepted BMS Entrance Exams 


The majority of BMS colleges in India use BBM entrance exam results to select applicants for admission. To apply for college admission, students must be fully informed about the entrance exams and important registration and examination dates. The admissions procedure could also include a group discussion (GD), presentations, etc. The list of some of the most competitive BMS entrance exams in India is shown below:


Delhi University Joint Admission Test (DU JAT) IIM Indore Integrated Program in Management Apt(IPMAT)
ST. Xavier’s Entrance Exam National Test for programs after 12th(NPAT)
Under Graduate Admission Test – AIMA(UGAT-AIMA) Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University Management Test(BUMAT)
GITAM Online Test(GOT) SET

Skills Required


Here is a list of skills required for a marketing professional:


Market Research Creativity Data Analysis
Strategic Thinking Communication Project Management
Brand Management Digital Marketing Problem-Solving
Consumer Behavior Social Media Management Adaptability
Advertising Sales and Negotiation Teamwork



Here is the fees structure for the course BMS Marketing:



College Name Location Fees
Shivaji College New Delhi 10000
GIBS Business School Bangalore 83333
Keshav Mahavidyalaya New Delhi 14524
Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies New Delhi 20000
New Delhi Institute of Management (NDIM) New Delhi 73000

Selection process


The selection process refers to the series of steps and evaluations that organizations use to choose the most suitable candidates for a particular position or program. Typically, the selection process involves multiple stages designed to assess the candidates' qualifications, skills, experience, and fit with the organization's requirements and culture. It often starts with the submission of an application, which may include a resume, cover letter, and other supporting documents. Following this, the organization may conduct initial screenings, such as reviewing applications and shortlisting candidates based on predetermined criteria. The next phase often involves interviews, which can be conducted in various formats, such as phone interviews, video interviews, or face-to-face interviews. Additional assessments such as tests, group exercises, or presentations may also be included to evaluate specific skills or abilities. Finally, the organization makes a selection decision based on the overall performance of the candidates throughout the process. The selection process aims to identify the most qualified and suitable individuals who align with the organization's goals and requirements.


(3). Course Comparison


Here is the course comparison between BMS Marketing and BBA with Marketing Specialization:


Name of the course BMS Marketing BBA with Marketing Specialization
Overview of the course "BMS Marketing, which stands for Bachelor of Management Studies in Marketing, provides students with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of marketing, including market research, advertising, sales, consumer behavior, branding, and strategic marketing. The course aims to develop student's skills in analyzing market trends, formulating marketing strategies, and effectively promoting products or services. " BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) with Marketing specializations is a broader degree program that encompasses general business knowledge along with a specific focus on marketing. BBA programs typically cover core business subjects such as finance, accounting, human resources, operations management, and organizational behavior. The marketing specialization within BBA allows students to delve deeper into marketing concepts, strategies, and techniques. 
Course Level Undergraduate Undergraduate
Eligibility 10+2 or equivalent 10+2 or equivalent
Fees 30000 to 600000 per annum Varies (check with institutions)
Entrance Exam NPAT (National Test for programs after 12th), UGAT-AIMA (Under Graduate Admission Test – AIMA) May be required by some institutes
Job Profile Marketing executive, brand manager, market researcher, sales manager, advertising executive, digital marketing specialist, product manager, etc. Marketing coordinator, business development executive, market analyst, retail manager, public relations officer, sales representative, etc.
Top Recruiters Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Google, Amazon, IBM, Accenture, WPP, Publicis, etc. Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Samsung, McKinsey & Company, HUL, Nestle, etc.
Specialization Marketing principles, consumer behavior, market research, advertising, sales management, digital marketing, etc. Core business subjects (accounting, finance, HRM, operations) with a focus on marketing-related subjects

(4). Top Colleges 


Listing the top BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) marketing colleges in India:


S.No. College Name Location
1 Xavier's College Mumbai
2 Narsee Monjee College of Commerce Mumbai
3 HR College of Commerce and Economics Mumbai
4 Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics Mumbai
5 St. Xavier's College Kolkata
6 Christ University Bangalore
7 Loyola College Chennai
8 Shri Ram College of Commerce Delhi
9 Lady Shri Ram College for Women Delhi
10 St. Xavier's College Ahmedabad
11 St. Joseph's College of Commerce Bangalore
12 Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce Pune
13 Madras Christian College Chennai
14 Presidency College Chennai
15 Mount Carmel College Bangalore
16 Stella Maris College Chennai
17 St. Xavier's College Mumbai (Autonomous)
18 K.J. Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce Mumbai
19 Jai Hind College Mumbai
20 Nizam College Hyderabad

(5). Job and Placements


The BMS Marketing course provides a solid foundation for a rewarding career in the marketing industry. It offers diverse career opportunities, emphasizes the importance of marketing across industries, provides a favorable salary potential, and presents growth prospects in a dynamic field.


The curriculum of the BMS marketing course typically includes a combination of theoretical coursework, practical projects, case studies, industry internships, and guest lectures by industry professionals. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and leadership skills that are essential for success in the marketing field.

Upon successful completion of the BMS marketing program, graduates can pursue a wide range of career opportunities in marketing and related fields. They can work in areas such as advertising, brand management, market research, sales and distribution, public relations, digital marketing, and retail management. Alternatively, graduates may choose to pursue higher education and opt for postgraduate programs like an MBA (Master of Business Administration) with a specialization in marketing.

The job prospects and placements for students graduating from BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) marketing programs can vary based on several factors, including the reputation of the college, individual skills and qualifications, market conditions, and industry trends. However, BMS marketing graduates typically have opportunities in various sectors, including:


Job Roles Description
Marketing and Advertising Agencies Graduates can work in marketing agencies, where they may be involved in brand management, market research, advertising, digital marketing, and campaign planning.
Sales and Business Development Many companies hire BMS marketing graduates for sales and business development roles, where they can be responsible for client acquisition, relationship management, and meeting sales targets.
Market Research Graduates can work in market research firms, assisting in data collection, and analysis, and providing insights to help businesses make informed decisions.
Brand Management Companies often recruit BMS marketing graduates for brand management positions, where they develop and implement strategies to enhance brand awareness, positioning, and market share.
Digital Marketing With the growing importance of digital platforms, there is a demand for BMS marketing graduates in digital marketing roles, including social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and online advertising.
Retail and E-commerce Graduates can find opportunities in the retail sector, working with both physical and online stores, managing merchandising, sales promotions, and customer relationship management.
Product Management Some graduates may pursue careers in product management, where they oversee the development, marketing, and performance of specific products or services.
Market Analysis and Consulting BMS marketing graduates can work in consulting firms, providing market analysis, competitive intelligence, and strategic recommendations to clients.

Employment Areas


Here are some employment sectors or fields where BMS Marketing graduates can find opportunities:


FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) Technology
Healthcare Hospitality
E-commerce Advertising and Media
Retail Financial Services
Consulting Non-profit Organizations

Top Recruiters, Job Roles, and Average Annual Salary


Here is a table that provides information on top recruiters, job roles, and average annual salaries for BMS Marketing course graduates in India:


Top Recruiters Job Roles Average Annual Salary (INR)
Hindustan Unilever Market Research Analyst 3-5 lakhs
Procter & Gamble Brand Manager 5-8 lakhs
Google Digital Marketing Specialist 4-7 lakhs
IBM Sales Manager 6-10 lakhs
Amazon Advertising Executive 4-6 lakhs
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Marketing Coordinator 3-5 lakhs
Accenture Social Media Manager 4-7 lakhs
Colgate-Palmolive Business Development Manager 5-8 lakhs
HDFC Bank Market Analyst 3-6 lakhs
Ogilvy & Mather Marketing-Communications Manager 4-7 lakhs

(6). Scope


The BMS Marketing course offers a promising scope for graduates in today's competitive business landscape. With a focus on marketing principles, strategic planning, and consumer behavior, the course equips students with a strong foundation in marketing strategies and tactics. Graduates can explore diverse career opportunities across various industries and sectors. The course prepares them for roles in brand management, market research, advertising, digital marketing, sales, retail management, and product management, among others. The rise of digital technologies and online platforms has further expanded the scope of marketing, creating opportunities in areas like social media marketing, content creation, and data analytics. Additionally, the course provides students with valuable skills in communication, market analysis, problem-solving, and project management, which are highly sought after by employers. As businesses continue to focus on building strong brands, understanding consumer needs, and adopting innovative marketing approaches, BMS Marketing graduates can play a vital role in driving business growth and achieving marketing objectives. With the right skills, knowledge, and adaptability, BMS Marketing graduates can pursue successful and fulfilling careers in the dynamic and evolving field of marketing.


Career options after the course


(1). Market Research Analyst

(2). Brand Manager

(3). Advertising Executive

(4). Sales Manager

(5). Digital Marketing Specialist

(6). Social Media Manager

(7). Marketing Coordinator

(8). Business Development Manager

(9). Market Analyst

(10). Marketing Communications Manager

(11). Product Manager

(12). Public Relations Officer

(13). Retail Manager

(14). Media Planner

(15). Event Manager


Scope for higher studies


(1). Master's in Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Marketing

(2). Master's in Marketing Management

(3). Master's in Digital Marketing

(4). Master's in Advertising and Public Relations

(5). Ph.D. in Marketing or related fields


Skills that make you a good employee after the course


(1). Market research

(2). Branding and brand management

(3). Strategic thinking

(4). Communication and interpersonal skills

(5). Digital marketing

(6). Analytical and problem-solving abilities

(7). Sales and negotiation skills

(8). Creative thinking

(9). Data analysis

(10). Project management


(7). FAQS


Q1: What is BMS Marketing?

A1: BMS Marketing refers to the marketing activities and strategies employed by companies in the Building Management Systems (BMS) industry. It involves promoting and selling BMS solutions to customers.


Q2: What are Building Management Systems?

A2: Building Management Systems (BMS) are computer-based systems that control and monitor various aspects of a building's operations, such as lighting, heating, ventilation, and security.


Q3: Why is BMS Marketing important?

A3: BMS Marketing is crucial for companies in this industry as it helps create awareness about their solutions, attract potential customers, and generate sales. It also enables them to differentiate themselves from competitors.


Q4: What are some key benefits of using BMS?

A4: BMS offers several benefits, including improved energy efficiency, enhanced comfort and convenience for building occupants, cost savings through optimized operations, and increased security and safety measures.


Q5: Who are the target customers for BMS Marketing?

A5: The target customers for BMS Marketing are typically commercial and industrial building owners, facility managers, and construction companies involved in the development of large-scale buildings.


Q6: How can BMS Marketing help reduce energy consumption?

A6: BMS Marketing can emphasize the energy-saving capabilities of BMS solutions, such as intelligent lighting controls, HVAC optimization, and automated power management. These features help reduce energy consumption and lower utility costs.


Q7: What marketing channels are effective for BMS Marketing?

A7: Effective marketing channels for BMS include online platforms (website, social media), industry trade shows and conferences, targeted email campaigns, partnerships with industry influencers, and collaborations with construction and engineering firms.


Q8: What are the competitive advantages of BMS Marketing?

A8: BMS Marketing can highlight competitive advantages such as advanced technological features, integration capabilities with existing systems, comprehensive building analytics, proven track record in the industry, and excellent customer support.


Q9: How can BMS Marketing address customer concerns about implementation and costs?

A9: BMS Marketing can address customer concerns by providing case studies and success stories that demonstrate successful implementation and a positive return on investment. It can also offer flexible pricing options and highlight long-term cost savings.


Q10: How can BMS Marketing build customer trust and loyalty?

A10: BMS Marketing can build trust and loyalty by providing educational content, thought leadership articles, and industry insights. Additionally, offering exceptional customer service, ongoing support, and maintenance programs can strengthen relationships with customers.

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