The most effective way to comprehend the structure of the CAT exam from the previous year is to study sample papers. Candidates will be given a range of questions from the CAT sample paper in 2024. The CAT sample paper is available for candidates to use in their preparation. The CAT sample papers are available from a variety of sources.

CAT Exam 2024: Sample paper, previous year question paper

CAT Previous Year Question Papers: CAT applicants can use the previous year's questions to get ready for the 2024 exam. Every year, a new set of IIMs creates the CAT question paper. Because the exam pattern can change, it is imperative that you practice these papers. CAT had two slots prior to 2019, but it will have three slots starting in 2020. This post contains the CAT question papers from prior years; for more details, read the article in its entirety.

CAT Previous Year Question Papers – Download PDF

One of the hardest and most competitive exams in India is the CAT. Many candidates for the MBA from across the nation take the CAT exam each year. CAT practice with previous years' question papers is essential for success. This aids in acclimating you to the structure, difficulty, and quantity of questions on the test. Solving a lot of practice questions is the best way to get ready for the CAT exam.

CAT Question Paper Download Link: Year Wise

CAT 2022 question paper with solutions pdf

CAT 2021 question paper with solutions pdf

CAT 2020 question paper with solutions pdf

CAT 2019 question paper with solutions pdf

CAT 2018 question paper with solutions pdf

CAT 2017 question paper with solutions pdf

CAT Previous Year Question Papers – Important Topics

The CAT exam has three parts: reading and understanding, problem-solving, and math. It tests analytical, logical, and comprehension skills. Some questions are multiple-choice, and some are not. They might involve data interpretation, graphs, or case studies. Therefore, to perform well on the test and achieve a 100% score using the CAT 2024 preparation material, you must study previous CAT papers.

CAT Previous Year Question Papers: Quantitative Aptitude






Percent's, Profit Loss, SICI

Ratio, Mixtures: Averages

Logarithms & Exponents

Speed Time Distance

Pipes Cisterns, and Work Time


Set Theory



Pipes Trigonometry


Linear & Quadratic



Progression and Permutation Probability

CAT Previous Year Question Papers: VARC

Sentence Correction

Para Jumble

Paragraph Completion

Sentence Elimination

Reading Comprehension

Word Usage

Critical Reasoning

Text Completion

Para Summary


CAT Previous Year Question Papers: DILR

Pie Charts

Bar Graphs

Word Problems

Multiple Graphs

Line Graphs

Grid Puzzles



Math Puzzles

Other Patterns

CAT Previous Year Question Papers – Reading Comprehension

Migration of Northern Seals

Piracy in international trade

The need for economic literacy in the general population


Investing in renewable energy technologies

Travel Writing and Feminism during colonial times


A study of visualization

An Analysis of human nature

Currency of the Tang Dynasty

Freudian models of aggression

Screen time and undercurrents of social class

CAT Previous Year Question Papers – Advantages

Solving CAT Exam previous year question papers offers several benefits for aspirants:

  1. Analyzing Weaknesses and Strengths: Candidates can evaluate their areas of strength and weakness across a range of subjects and topics by completing these papers.
  2. Strategic Preparation: By utilizing this evaluation, they can customize their approaches to studying. By allocating time accordingly, they can concentrate more on the areas in which they require improvement.
  3. Identifying Important Topics: Examiners can focus their preparation on these vital subjects by going through these papers to find reoccurring themes and frequently asked questions.
  4. Getting Familiar with the Pattern: Candidates become accustomed to the format, organization, and question types of the CAT question paper by practicing with past exams.
  5. Time Management: Completing these assignments on time helps candidates become more adept at effectively managing their time during the real CAT exam.

CAT Previous Year Question Papers – Why It is Important

Certainly, here’s a detailed breakdown of the importance of CAT (Common Admission Test) sample papers, step by step:

Familiarization with Exam Pattern:

1. Candidates are introduced to the format and structure of the CAT exam through CAT sample papers.

2. They showcase the types of questions that can be expected, such as multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, and more.

3. Because of this familiarity, candidates can plan their exam strategy and use their time more effectively.

Practice and Skill Assessment:

1. Candidates can practice their knowledge and skills by using sample papers as a platform.
2. Candidates are able to assess their level of preparation by working through a range of example papers.
3. It facilitates the identification of potential problem areas and areas for improvement for candidates.


1. Candidates can assess their performance objectively by working through CAT sample papers.
2. They get knowledge about their advantages and disadvantages, which helps them prioritize areas of study.

Confidence Building:

1. Candidates gain confidence when they practice with sample papers on a regular basis.
2. As candidates grow more accustomed to the structure and content of the exam, it lessens the anxiety and tension related to the CAT.

Time Management:

1. The CAT is a timed exam where accuracy and speed are essential.
2. Candidates can improve their time management skills by using sample papers.
3. Students gain the ability to respond to questions quickly without sacrificing accuracy, which is essential for CAT exam success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. What is the significance of practicing CAT exam sample papers and previous year question papers?

Ans. Candidates may better understand the exam format, question types, and time management techniques necessary for exam success by practicing with CAT sample papers and past-year question papers.

Ques. Where can I find authentic CAT exam sample papers and previous year question papers?

Ans. CAT sample papers and past-year question papers are usually accessible on the official website of the organization that administers the exam, like the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). Furthermore, trustworthy websites for education and coaching services might also have trustworthy resources.

Ques. How should I utilize CAT exam sample papers and previous-year question papers effectively in my preparation?

Ans. Use past year's question papers and CAT exam sample papers to replicate exam conditions, evaluate your strengths and shortcomings, spot reoccurring question types, and modify your study plan as necessary. You can improve your exam preparation and increase your confidence by evaluating how well you performed on these practice exams.

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