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List of Top B.Tech in Biotechnology Colleges in Rajasthan Based on 2022-2023 Ranking

Rajasthan is an Indian state situated in northern India. It is comprised of 342,239 square km (132,139 sq miles) which is 10.4 percent of the country's total land area. It is the biggest Indian state in terms of area, and seventh in terms of population. It is located on India's northwestern portion, and comprises large portions of the expansive and unhospitable Thar Desert (also known as the Great Indian Desert) and has a border with the Pakistani provinces Punjab northwestern as well as Sindh towards the west along the Sutlej Indus River valley. It is located between the following five Indian States: Punjab in the northern part; Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to the northeast; Madhya Pradesh to the southeast as well as Gujarat towards the southwest. The geographical area can be described as 23.3 between 30.12 North latitude and 69.30 to 78.17 East longitude and its Tropic of Cancer crossing its southernmost point.

B.Tech in Biotechnology that's normally referred to as B.Tech in Biotechnology is one of the excellent specializations in engineering courses. Biotechnology manner any technological utility that makes use of organic structures or dwelling organisms to create or regulate merchandise or strategies for a selected use. Biotechnology has additionally invented ”Antibiotics''. The bachelor’s degree course in B.Tech Biotechnology in Rajasthan is a combination of technology, research, and development. It's extra research-orientated software that consists of the look at withinside the vicinity of carried out biology, chemical engineering, and genetic engineering. This study applies to the use of medicine, agriculture, living organisms, and industrial and manufacturing processes.

B.Tech in Biotechnology concludes with many topics inclusive of biochemistry, microbiology, chemistry, and engineering. The most important reason to select B.Tech in Biotechnology in Rajasthan is the interest in making and improving the quality of products. B.Tech in Biotechnology in Rajasthan has a wide area of application in agriculture, introducing new and better medicines, and environmental safety.

B.Tech Biotechnology engineering in Rajasthan refers to the study and research of micro-organisms, bio-organisms, and cell functions in living organisms. It is a combination of technology and biological science. Biotechnology engineering refers to the combination of applied biology and chemical engineering that uses living organisms in engineering, medicine, and other important applications.

This course is based upon the idea that future industries/research companies require specific skill sets in one vertical.

Admission Process: B.Tech Biotechnology in Rajasthan

B.Tech Biotechnology Admission Process in Rajasthan is slightly different for colleges, but most institutes offer B.Tech Biotechnology entrance exams such as JEE MAINS. Candidates must have passed 12th grade in the science stream with a minimum of 60% average marks to apply in 2022 for B.Tech Biotechnology admission in Rajasthan .

Eligibility for Engineering at Rajasthan for Biotechnology

These are the mandatory B.Tech Biotechnology eligibility in Rajasthan requirements that all candidates must meet to be admitted to the course.

* Candidates must have passed 10+2 exams from the Science stream with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics from a recognized Board.

* English must be an obligatory language for 12th grade.

* Students should have at least 75% aggregate marks at the level of 10+2.

* The minimum age should be at least 17 years old.

* JEE Mains submission or equivalent entrance exam is mandatory.

Merit-Based Admission in Rajasthan to B.Tech Biotechnology

* Classes 12th scores will be considered.

* English, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics are compulsory subjects.

* To apply for merit-based admission, you will need to complete the online application form.

* Submit the application fee and all required documents.

Admission based on Entrance 

* Some colleges and states conduct state-level and university entrance exams for admissions.

* B.Tech entrance exams are JEE Main, JEE Advance, etc.

* To apply for this type of admission, you must submit your application on the college website

* Submit all required documents and keep the receipt safe for future reference

* The entrance exam (JEE MAIN) will be taken.

* Students who pass the entrance exam will be invited to a counseling round, followed by payment of the examination fee.

Entrance exams

JEE Mains and JEE Advanced are the most widely accepted entrance exams for B.Tech Biotechnology courses in Rajasthan or the rest of all India.


Scope of B.Tech in Biotechnology in Rajasthan

In India, the biotechnology business is expanding, and students in this discipline have a bright future. Research domains, private sector careers, and entrepreneurship are all possibilities after B.Tech in Biotechnology course. Graduates can pursue advanced degrees such as M.Tech, M.Sc., and even a Ph.D. They are also employed in fields such as medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, and research.

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