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MA Public Administration syllabus includes courses in policy analysis, public finance, governance, ethics, leadership, and research methods. Electives vary by institution.

Syllabus for Master of Arts (MA) Public Administration

The Master of Arts (MA) in Public Administration syllabus is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles, practices, and challenges of public administration and governance. At its core, the program aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in leadership roles within the public sector, nonprofit organizations, and even private firms engaged in public policy and government affairs.

The curriculum typically commences with foundational courses that introduce students to the evolution of public administration, its theoretical underpinnings, and its role in contemporary governance. Students delve into the intricacies of public policy, studying how policies are formulated, implemented, and evaluated, with a focus on the analytical techniques and tools used in the policymaking process.

Semester 1: Foundations of Public Administration

Course Code Course Title
PA101 Public Administration: Concepts and Theories
PA102 Public Policy Analysis
PA103 Research Methods in Public Administration
PA104 Governance and Ethics in Public Administration
PA105 Public Finance and Budgeting

Semester 2: Administrative Processes and Structures

Course Code Course Title
PA201 Administrative Law and Judicial Review
PA202 Human Resource Management in the Public Sector
PA203 Organizational Behavior and Development
PA204 Information Systems in Public Administration
PA205 Comparative Public Administration

Semester 3: Policy Implementation and Analysis

Course Code Course Title
PA301 Policy Implementation and Evaluation
PA302 Local Governance and Urban Administration
PA303 Environmental Policy and Administration
PA304 Public-Private Partnerships in Administration
PA305 Strategic Management in Public Sector

Semester 4: Specialization and Electives

Course Code Course Title
PA401 Special Topics in Public Administration
PA402 International Public Administration
PA403 Health Policy and Administration
PA404 Social Welfare Policies and Administration
PA405 Elective Course (1)

Semester 5: Public Administration in Practice

Course Code Course Title
PA501 Public Administration Internship
PA502 Case Studies in Public Administration
PA503 Public Relations and Communication in Governance
PA504 Crisis Management and Disaster Response
PA505 Research Project in Public Administration

Semester 6: Capstone Project and Contemporary Issues

Course Code Course Title
PA601 Capstone Project in Public Administration
PA602 Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Public Administration
PA603 Public Administration and Global Challenges
PA604 Ethics in Public Service
PA605 Comprehensive Examination
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