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Admission Criteria at the College of Social Work, Arts

The College of Social Work, and Arts, stands as a beacon for those aspiring to make a difference in society through education and practice. With its commitment to nurturing compassionate and skilled individuals, the college offers programs like the Master of Social Work and Bachelor of Social Work, each designed to instill knowledge and expertise in the field of social welfare. 

Master of Social Work (MSW) - Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates seeking admission to the Master of Social Work program must have completed a Bachelor's degree in a relevant subject. The curriculum is meticulously crafted to empower students with advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for effective social work practice. The MSW program aims to develop professionals capable of addressing contemporary social challenges and making meaningful contributions to society.

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) - Eligibility Criteria:

For aspiring undergraduates, the Bachelor of Social Work program is an ideal starting point. Eligible candidates must have completed their 10+2 education in any discipline from a recognized institute. This undergraduate course serves as a foundational platform, introducing students to the fundamentals of social work principles, ethics, and methodologies. It aims to groom individuals with a strong understanding of societal issues and the skills required for grassroots-level social work.

Admission to both programs at the College of Social Work, Arts, is based on fulfilling these eligibility criteria. The college's emphasis on academic excellence, practical experience, and a strong ethical foundation equips graduates to navigate the complexities of the social work landscape with empathy, competence, and dedication. 

The College of Social Work, and Arts, stands committed to nurturing future social work leaders who are not just academically proficient but also imbued with a deep sense of social responsibility.  The programs offered aim to produce graduates who are ready to engage with diverse communities, drive positive change, and advocate for social justice.

Prospective students aspiring to contribute meaningfully to society through the noble profession of social work are encouraged to explore the vibrant educational opportunities available at the College of Social Work, and Arts, and take the first step toward a fulfilling and impactful career. 

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