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Facilities and Infrastructure

Residential Accommodations:

College Of Social Work provides hostel facilities specifically for female students. Due to space constraints at the Nirmala Niketan Institute in Churchgate, the primary campus, additional hostel facilities are available at the Extension Centre in Goregaon.  As the seats are limited, priority is given to the most deserving students. Admission to the courses does not guarantee hostel accommodation.

Library Facilities 

Established in 1958 with a few shelves and books, the College Of Social Work library initially began near the Principal's office. It was later relocated to a small room on the ground floor in 1960, where it stayed for several years before being moved to its current location on the third floor of the building. 

The institution boasts a well-equipped library that houses an extensive collection of current and relevant materials catering to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.  The library operates on a fully automated system and serves diverse individuals apart from catering to the academic needs of the institution.

Auditorium Facilities 

College Of Social Work features a cutting-edge auditorium equipped with advanced audio-visual systems and an LCD TV.


College Of Social Work of Social Service provides hostel facilities for women students at the premises of where the College is located. Since the availability of space is limited at the Nirmala Niketan Institute at Churchgate, which is the parent body of the College, it provides hostel facilities for women students at the Extension Centre at Goregaon. Since a limited number of seats are available, they are allotted to the most needy students. Admission to the course does not guarantee admission to the Hostel.


Available Basic Facilities In The Campus

  • Library
  • Hostel
  • Playground
  • Sports
  • Gym
  • Cafeteria
  • Medical
  • Computer Labs
  • Auditorium
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