Bachelor of Science Honours (B.Sc. Hons.) Forestry

  • course years 4 Years
  • type of course Under Graduate
  • course stream Agriculture
  • course type Full Time
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About B.Sc in Forestry

B.Sc. (Forests) is a 4-year full-time programme to get students to know the many aspects of forestry and their related skills. The curriculum is very comprehensive by the requirements of industrial and governorate employments, scientific researchers in various departments, banks, forest range officials, zoological curators, wildlife research, forest conservation, research at well-known Institutes such as ICFRE, M.Sc. & PhD. The curriculum of Forestry covers a wide range of topics in forestry, including dendrology, forest ecology, general forest microbiology, and forest management.


The programme emphasises providing students with a practical understanding of how to cultivate and maintain forested land, forests, and parks healthy. The degree in forestry encompasses the fundamental biological, chemical and mathematical sciences, with applied ecology, forestry and management. While science governs a forester's decisions, it doesn't do it for him. Foresters have to use their knowledge in a fundamental sphere of leadership where a great deal is not always self-evident. They have to take into account conflicting human interests and conflicting ideas and perspectives.


The specialisation of forestry art is established in this necessity for seasoned judgement, strategy, and subtlety. Sound forest services think about the current and future status of forests to ensure that benefits for those who are to come are available. Even though the forest's trees are the dominant factor, the foresters handle and manage all forest resources.


Eligibility for B.Sc in Forestry


For B.Sc Forestry, the minimum eligibility is:

  • Pupils should have completed 10+2, with a minimum overall rating of 50%, from a recognised educational board.
  • The minimum entry marks for this degree difference between the school and the school so that the students are encouraged to examine the minimum entries they need before applying.
  • Candidates who attend 10+2 exams may also apply, however at the time of counselling; they have to provide their exam results (with at least minimum marks required).
  • You may need to take college/national admission exams.
  •  In this study there is no age limit.
  • Some of the entrance exams required by few institutes are JCECE, ICAR and OUAT.

Benefits of B.Sc in Forestry


  • B.Sc graduates from the forests come with a broad smile from their institutions since they have abundant work prospects.
  • The Indian government has the majority of forestry graduates who accept such students joyfully under the wings of the Indian government to strengthen its team of skilled forest guards and managers.
  • Suppose a candidate has all the skills and have a quality B.Sc Forestry degree in Indian University, they have the most likely prospects to take up the position of a forester or forest officer in the forestry department of the State Government. But after passing the exams.
  • B.Sc forestry students have many chances to work in the Indian Private Sector as well as the private sector, but their income may be lower compared with the government.
  • Forest Product Marketing, Plantation and Resort Manager, Purchasing Manager, Research and Development Sector, and many more are the several jobs that a B.Sc. graduate can apply for in privately-held industries.

Future Scopes after B.Sc in Forestry


A B.Sc Forestry degree can allow graduates to get profitable jobs that give them a fair wage. In addition, students can also take a Masters degree in Forest, like MSc.

·         Forest Range officers, Field inspectors, Entomologists, and many more opportunities are the top profiles for M.Sc forest grads.


Career and Job Opportunities after B.Sc in Forestry


The demand for B.Sc Forestry is growing every day, and it is not difficult for graduates to obtain a profitable job in several sectors. The departments of wildlife, forestry and national parks and sanctuaries are looking for graduates in this area interested in the important choices for the preservation of the environment.


For individuals who wish to raise their understanding of the newest technologies in the forest area, the BSc Forestry programme is ideal. After graduation, they can work as assistant managers, kindergarten managers, farm managers, or even become teachers with the participation of a public or private institution.

The Wildlife Research Institutes of the Indian Council for Forest Research and Education (ICFRE), its affiliated institutions, zoological parks, wildlife areas, and companies with timbering own plantations, nurseries, national parks and shrines or shrines the department of wildlife, are among the best recruiters of such graduates.


The average pay between INR 4.5-6 lakhs annually of such professionals

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