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List of Top Integrated MBA Colleges Goa based on 2022 Ranking

Goa is one of the states along the coast of the southwest of India in the Konkan region. It is separated geographically from Deccan mountains by the Western Ghats. It lies in between two Indian States in Maharashtra in the North as well as Karnataka to the south and east and has Karnataka to the east and south, with Arabian Sea forming its western coast. It is India's second-smallest state in terms of area, and the fourth-smallest population. Goa is the most prosperous state in terms of GDP per capita of the Indian states, which is two more and half than its GDP for India overall. It was the Eleventh Finance Commission of India has ranked Goa the top-ranked state due to the quality of its infrastructure. the country's National Commission on Population rated Goa as having the highest standard of living within India (based upon the Commission's "12 indicators"). It's the third highest ranking among Indian states on the index of human development.

A combined MBA course in Goa, IPM (Integrated Programme in Management in Goa) is the most sought-after course for students in 12th grade. IPM is a 5-year program that blends undergrad and postgraduate (MBA) study. It is available in a variety of combinations like BBA with MBA, BBM + MBA, or BMS and MBA to help prepare candidates for managerial positions and increase their chances of advancing in various areas. In the last few months, IIFT has launched an Integrated Programme in Management course.

It is among the most sought-after programs students are able to enroll in to pursue an MBA after the 12th grade. Students who wish to take the combined BBA MBA integrated course in Goa will be required to apply once for both degrees because it's a dual degree program. Management courses after 12th grade are provided by numerous public and private organizations like IIMs, Xavier University, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Nirma University Institute of Management, and numerous others. Unique pedagogy, numerous assignments, internships, a well-designed curriculum, etc. are the main reasons why the top Integrated MBA in Goa program is a superb place for those who are just passing their class 12. Additionally, there are IIM classes that integrate after the 12th.

The eligibility criteria for Integrated MBA in Goa Programme

The criteria for eligibility to be eligible for IIM blended courses following 12th grade differs according to the institution the students wish to attend, with the exception of some common criteria. Therefore, students are advised to consult the prospectus of the institution they are interested in to find out the particular eligibility criteria that are set by the respective institutions.

* The process for admission to this BBA MBA integrated course in Goa will differ from one college to the next, so it is recommended to verify the specific admissions process for the institution on the official website.

* Candidates must pass class 12 in theirs.

* Candidates must have at least 60 percent of their aggregate marks in the 12th grade to be eligible for this program (this minimum percentage of marks from the qualifying examinations will vary depending on the college)

* Students taking the test in class 12 are also eligible for the programs. Students are required to submit their mark sheets before the date specified by the institute.

* Candidates of any stream are eligible to apply.

* Candidates who pass all stages successfully are invited to be screened for documents.

* Some universities provide direct admission into their five-year MBA course on the basis of a score of 10+2.

Specializations in Integrated MBA

The 5 years Integrated MBA in Goa program is a creatively designed degree program that is designed for students who have ambitions to be leaders and managers. The program offers a comprehensive management education, complemented by an in-depth focus on a particular area. The most popular specializations available under the 5-year BBA MBA in Goa course are listed below.

* Finance

* HR (Human Resources)

* Marketing and Sales

* Supply Chain Management

* Business Analytics

Integrative MBA: Career Opportunities and Career Opportunities

There are many possibilities for career paths to pick from following taking the top Integrated MBA in Goa Course, some of them are listed below.

* Candidates are able to be hired in the most prestigious sectors like Finance Marketing, Consulting HR, Retail, etc.

* Candidates are able to run their own businesses after they have completed this course.

* Candidates are able to work for top companies such as HCL, Accenture, Amazon, Mahindra Finance, and numerous others, earning a respectable wage and an accelerated career progression by doing an Integrated MBA in Goa.

* Students are able to work for multinational companies following having completed an MBA program.

What is the reason for an Integrated MBA in Goa?

* The Integrated MBA in Goa course helps save time since it doesn't duplicate the same syllabus for each BBA or MBA level.

* Time and money are reduced when it comes to taking the Integrated MBA in Goa course. Students are not required to sit to take entrance exams two times.

* Students have a deep knowledge of the basic concepts of management in business.

* The distinction is that unlike a 2-year MBA An Integrated MBA in Goa lets students have their own time when it comes to selecting the specializations or internships that they would like to take on.

* With greater understanding and experience, students who have an Integrated MBA in Goa degree are more likely to be placed in better chances, and decent wages and bonuses.


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