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List of Top MBA Universities/Colleges in Rajasthan based on 2022 Ranking

Rajasthan is an Indian state situated in northern India. It is comprised of 342,239 square km (132,139 sq miles) which is 10.4 percent of the country's total land area. It is the biggest Indian state in terms of area, and seventh in terms of population. It is located on India's northwestern portion, and comprises large portions of the expansive and unhospitable Thar Desert (also known as the Great Indian Desert) and has a border with the Pakistani provinces Punjab northwestern as well as Sindh towards the west along the Sutlej Indus River valley. It is located between the following five Indian States: Punjab in the northern part; Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to the northeast; Madhya Pradesh to the southeast as well as Gujarat towards the southwest. The geographical area can be described as 23.3 between 30.12 North latitude and 69.30 to 78.17 East longitude and its Tropic of Cancer crossing its southernmost point.

The Master of Business Administration in Rajasthan is a postgraduate degree that is focused on business management. The fundamental courses of an MBA program in Rajasthan cover a range of different aspects of business administration like accounting applied statistics HR and business communication and business ethics as well as strategic management, law and business and business strategy, finance management economics marketing, entrepreneurship supply chain management, operations management in the manner which is most relevant to management analysis and design by the best MBA Colleges in Rajasthan. It began in the United States in the early 20th century when the nation was industrialized and businesses sought out an approach to management that was scientific.

MBA is a prestigious degree. MBA is a degree that is final and is a professional-level degree. Accreditation bodies specifically designed for MBA programs ensure the consistency and quality of education. Many business schools in Rajasthan provide programs specifically tailored for executives, full-time or part-time, and distance-learning learners, with specializations, and they can shape careers by doing Top Bussiness Studies Institutions in Rajasthan and making the world a better place.

MBA colleges in Rajasthan give top-quality MBA training with top levels of placement. The pursuit of the MBA in Rajasthan can provide excellent experiences in learning and excellent results when compared with other cities. Best for MBA Course and its schools in Rajasthan that provide high-quality education, give the town a goal of studying management.

At present Management in Rajasthan, MBA is a well-known master certification course in the world. Moreover, 500+ Management programs specializations are offered across the world; many are offered in English.

Rajasthan is recognized as an educational center in India. If you're looking for MBA Colleges, then you can discover the best MBA colleges in Rajasthan. MBA colleges located in Rajasthan provide quality education and the ability to place students. There are more and many career options in the course of your MBA in Rajasthan. MBA Schools in Rajasthan provide a range of specializations for MBAs like Marketing, Health Care Banking, Finance, IT Manufacturing, Retail, and many more. UGC accredits them with most of them accredited by AICTE.

* The primary eligibility requirement in order to take an MBA course in Rajasthan is the requirement for UG at 50% marks or equivalent. Some schools also offer 5% relaxation for students in the reserved category.

* MBA Admission to 2022 in Rajasthan is determined by the academic record of previous students including group discussion personal interviews, and entrance test scores.

* The most sought-after tests that are acceptable as part of an MBA in Rajasthan are CMAT, CAT, MAT BMAT, XAT, and SNAP.

* The annual MBA fees in Rajasthan are from INR 25,000 up to INR 20 Lakhs.

* Accenture, PwC, Amazon, Deloitte, HCL, and TCS among others. They figure among the top firms in Rajasthan which offer the opportunity for MBA graduates. The average CTC provided by these firms is between 15 and 20 Lakhs.

The admission process for admission to Top MBA Colleges in Rajasthan is determined by state-level entrance exams or national-level exams, like GMAT, CAT, MAT ATMA, NMAT XAT CMAT, and so on. And, some admission based on academic excellence is used to get to Top MBA Colleges in Rajasthan.

Types of MBA Programs

  • Two-Year Full-Time MBA in Rajasthan
  • One-Year Full-Time MBA in Rajasthan
  • Part-Time MBA in Rajasthan
  • Online MBA in Rajasthan
  • International MBA in Rajasthan
  • Executive MBA in Rajasthan
  • Specialized MBA in Rajasthan

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