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List of Top MBA in Rural & Agri-Business colleges/Universities in Goa based on 2022 Ranking

Goa is one of the states along the coast of the southwest of India in the Konkan region. It is separated geographically from Deccan mountains by the Western Ghats. It lies in between two Indian States in Maharashtra in the North as well as Karnataka to the south and east and has Karnataka to the east and south, with Arabian Sea forming its western coast. It is India's second-smallest state in terms of area, and the fourth-smallest population. Goa is the most prosperous state in terms of GDP per capita of the Indian states, which is two more and half than its GDP for India overall. It was the Eleventh Finance Commission of India has ranked Goa the top-ranked state due to the quality of its infrastructure. the country's National Commission on Population rated Goa as having the highest standard of living within India (based upon the Commission's "12 indicators"). It's the third highest ranking among Indian states on the index of human development.

MBA in Rural & Agri-Business - This is a great sector to work in as both an entrepreneur and professional. This course focuses on the business of crop cultivation and food production, as well as the related business concepts. The curriculum covers the entire range of Indian agronomic products, their importance, and their needs. MBA in Rural & Agri-Business in Goa aims to help you understand and invent new ways to preserve and conserve agrarian resources. It also examines their commercial objectives and effectiveness.

MBA in Rural & Agri-Business in Goa course offers good career prospects for those who are interested in this discipline, as India is ranked 2nd in terms of agricultural output and agriculture. The course covers all aspects of agriculture, including processing, production, marketing, and manufacturing. The course covers many aspects of economics, as well as broader management areas like Finance, lending, commodity training, and microfinance. It also includes taxation, marketing, taxation, supply chain management, taxation, and marketing. This course covers concepts of marketing, production, and trading agricultural-related products.

MBA in Rural & Agri-Business in Goa, India is offered at an average annual cost of INR 3 to 4 Lacs. However, this fee varies depending on the institute offering the course. Next, you will need to pass any one of the CAT, MAT, XAT, etc. exams. An institution may also have its own admissions process at the state level.

The average starting salary in India for a successful MBA in Rural and Agri-Business in Goa postgrads is INR 2-10 Lacs. This depends on the college's reputation and the skills of the post-graduating candidate.

There are many job opportunities in the country, such as Farm Appraiser and Agricultural Policy Analyst, Farm Manager, Quality Controller, etc. Postgraduates who complete the course successfully are eligible for these positions.

Eligibility for MBA in Rural & Agri-Business in Goa

The following eligibility criteria are required for candidates who wish to apply for MBA in Agri-Business in Goa:

* Minimum aggregate score of 50% for graduation from an accredited institute of higher education.

* Graduation in agriculture or allied agriculture as the main subject.

* Candidates awaiting their final year graduation results will also be accepted.

MBA in Rural & Agri-Business in Goa Career Prospects

A variety of career options are available to postgraduates who have been successful in the program. Some of these options are listed below.

* Candidates can either work in any industry that is relevant to them or they may go into government employment.

* Candidates who are interested in further study in the discipline might apply for a Ph.D.

* Candidates can also opt for academia to teach the subject at colleges and universities.

* Candidates often pursue dual degrees within the same course.

Postgraduate opportunities are available in the agricultural sector or you can say MBA in Rural & Agri-Business in Goa. As freshers, the average salary package is between INR 2 and 6 Lacs.

Below are the top-ranked industries/companies that recruit successful postgraduates.

1. Food production companies

2. Farming Industry

3. Public and private sector

4. Marketing Industry

5. Retail Industry

6. Rural development projects by the Government of India

7. Research and social advisory agencies

8. Non-Govt. Non-Govt.

9. Consultancy

10. Volunteer agencies based in rural areas

11. Research facilities that are high-end and rural-based

12. Banks like NABARD, Grameen Bank, etc

13. Developmental schemes & programs

14. NGO national bodies

15. Agri-business enterprises

16. Cooperatives in rural areas

Here are some benefits of an MBA in Rural & Agribusiness in Goa:

* Easy access to funding data, monetary assistance, and the procurement and distribution of funds to rural people

* Increasing knowledge about rural processes & activities

* Increasing wide growth opportunities and increasing earning potential

* Learn about advanced farming methods, and unique strategies for cultivation, and implement effective tactics in real-world situations

* Studying the market's core areas and framing possible ideas

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